Zion Berdol

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Author: Maracate
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Date of Birth: March 10
Place of Origin: Drefol
Currently Located: Tithinraig
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 198 lbs
Hair Color: Black with green highlights
Eye Color: Purple flecked with silver
Occupation: Raider
Nickname(s): Zee, Bright Eyes
Appears In: Dragon's Curse


He was born and raised in Drefol, a small town. He worked on his parent's farm until he married Joanie at 18. Then he purchased his own farm, where he an Joanie settled down. After a year, his son Tziyon was born. When Tziyon was two, Zion was pressed into service for (The Evil Guy). Forced to leave his family without so much as an explanation, Zion was brought to Tithinraig, where he worked with Felaena. He would go out into nearby towns and pillage them. He didn't understand why until many years later, when the twins, (Girl Twin) and (Boy Twin) where brought to the castle.


Zion is very withdrawn. (more later)

Skills and Abilities

  • Bright Eyes: No one is sure what exactly Bright Eyes is. Sometimes Zion can see things that others can't, like Magical Auras or Hummingbird wings. Sometimes he can hypnotize people. He has no idea how to control this power, though it seems to come out in times of extreme emotion.
  • Scars: The scars that mark his body are the symbol of his binding to The Evil Guy (no name yet). When they start to glow, Zion receives his orders on what to do, along with a compulsion and a painful electric shock to make sure he does them. The most noticeable scars are four claw marks on his right arm and three lines on his jaw.
  • Zion is a skilled sword fighter, archer, and dagger thrower.
  • He has some base magical powers, though they are not natural. He always feels sick after using them.

Special Items

  • Sword: the sword that was given to him by (The Evil Guy) when he was forced to join him. He hates it, so it doesn't have a name.
  • Locket: a small locket with a picture of Joanie and a two year old Tziyon in it.

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