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Author: Maracate
Race: Human. For the most part.
Gender: Male
Age: At least 20, though he looks about 9.
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Origin: The Institute
Currently Located: The Institute
Height: 3'11"
Weight: 42 lbs
Hair Color: Orange-tinged silver
Eye Color: Orange
Occupation: Hunter/Assassin
Nickname(s): Zero kinda is a nickname….
Appears In: Zero


Zero is the son of Leah Vulpes, a young scientist who worked at the Institute. Who his father is is unknown, but he was one of the older boys who worked in the mines under the Institute. As punishment for breeding with one of the workers, Leah was forced to give her son to the Experimental branch as a test subject. She then disappeared, undoubtedly with the “help” from the leader of the Order.

The experiments on Zero where so successful that the Institute preformed them on other subjects. However, they where never as successful as the originals.


Zero was created to be an ultimate weapon against the Rebels. It was believed that someone without emotions, without caring about the difference between right or wrong, and who only followed orders would be the perfect weapon. While the “emotionless” part didn’t come out quite as well as they’d hoped, as Zero does occasionally feel very mild emotions, everything else worked perfectly.

Skills and Abilities

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* Zero has the ability to tap into the Matrix, which is basically a more powerful version of magic. No other human has ever managed such a feat, and it is unknown how he does it.
* Zero never really aged past the age of 9. A child is harder to kill and is less likely to be though a killer then and adult.
* He doesn’t feel pain, be it physical or mental. But he can feel.
* There are Elemental stone shard embedded all the way down his spinal cord. If one of the shards is sliced, then he will faint. It can last up to three hours, depending on where the cut is. The higher it is, the longer it lasts.
* He is mentally linked to the Tinted Crystal. He cannot disobey an order sent through this link.
* He has a strong grasp of martial arts, though he will only use them if necessary.
* He is very fast – given enough space, he can reach up to 31 mph.
* His own personal scent was removed, though scents from places he’s been tend to stick to him.

Special Items

* Cacai: Little candies given to him by the scientists. As there grasp on his mind isn’t as strong as they would like it, the Cacai are used to help keep him in check.
* Needles: His weapon of choice. They are small needles coated in strong poisons.


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