Xiao Sailor Neko from Dark Cloud

Xiao and Kikkia once fought off the great evil, yet powerful ''Dark Geine'' together a long time of ago back when Toan was still around.

Author: Kikkia Jade Lacie
Name: Xiao
Nicknames: Xi (Only Monica calls her this for some unknown reason)
Race: Half Terrian Neko/Lunarian
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Date of Birth: Unknown
Pets: None
Place of Origin: Terra, Norune Village, in a large two story house
Currently Located: Earth, The FF Manor
Height: 4'11''
Weight: 112 lbs.
Hair Color: Amber Brown
Eye Color: Golden-Yellow
Occupation: Blue Light Sailor Scout
Likes: Fish Candy, and ''Master'' Dico Dellaciio
Appears In: Clash of the Heroes (I-V)

Bio: Xiao, and her ''family'', lived in the peaceful Norune Village, on their small home planet of ''Terra.''
But one day, a young girl named ''Kikkia Jade Lacie'' showed up and had Xiao join her team known as the ''Blue Light Sailor Scouts.''

Personalities: Xiao is very cheerful, happy, and cute with lots of energy, but as Sailor Neko she yells loudly way to much.

Special Attacks:
Attack 1: ''Double Super Neko Ball Explosions!!''
Attack 2: ''Okay then. Let's go Super Steve!!'' ''Alrighty Xiao.'' (Uses Super Steve, her cool ass talking slingshot)

Transformation Phrase: ''Neko Star Power, Make-Up!!''

Special Items:
Items' Names: Her Gold and Coffe Brown Pen

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