This is the universe in which many of my stories are set. Conia is only one of the many countries in it, though it is most focused on. The history I have recorded spans about 17 centuries, from a sort of medieval time of swords and sorcery to a futuristic, even post-apocalyptic, state. There is, notably, a group of people usually referred to as Free Spirits, who are immortal and have taken it upon themselves to shape the world according to the goddess Cona's will… or twist it by the god Anoc's.

Author: Arete
Appears In: Phoenix War of the Plains The Twin Legend The Last Plainswalker Half Shadows I Want Redtree Elite Sleep Well To Any Road


Conia (which is mountainous) in particular is at the top end of a backwards-c-ish shaped continent (map forthcoming), and Tunibaia (which is mostly plains), where many of my figments visit, is southeast of it. In the early stages of this universe, however, there is only the Conian Empire (first and second), which includes most of both countries.


See above; I should also note that Conia and Tunibaia have a loooooong history of fighting each other, usually precipitated by Grifex.


Are you ready? XD

672-Cieldor born
711-Cieldor becomes a free spirit
780-Grifex is born
799-Cieldor finds Jadwen again; Grifex (then Jariath) marries her
805-Grifex becomes a free spirit
1002-End of First Conian Empire
1091-Myfan and Glader born
1093-Kailan born
1100-Plainswalkers’ War begins
1109-Myfan and Glader become free spirits
1111-Wyverns defeated – end of the Plainswalkers’ War
1112-Kailan imprisoned
1155-Icemen created, and start to spread
1162-Kailan set free
1163-Icemen and Itevia defeated (but not Grifex)
1203-Great Mage War begins
1207-Great Mage War ends (with help from Kailan)
1208-Kailan dies (age 65/115)
1262-Ren/Jadwen born
1277-Blight falls
1278-Ren/Jadwen becomes a free spirit – magic starts fading
1279-Ren/Jadwen and Cieldor return – magic returns
1305-End of Second Conian Empire – Unification of the countries of Conia and Tunibaia (separately)
1499-Redtree created
1672-Cieldor turns 1000
1780-Grifex turns 1000
1958-Mallory born
1960-Dirk born
1974-Crystals found – Redtree officially discovered – Mallory and Dirk granted eternal life (though not free spirits)
2056-Shadowfolk make the first step towards organized society by founding a village
2091-Myfan and Glader turn 1000
2144-Ayne born – global ice age begins (unrelated)
2150-Ayne begins building Omega
2165-Omega is finished, and becomes a mercenary
2185-War of Elves begins against the Shadowfolk – Ayne stops returning to her body completely
2231-War of Elves ends
2249-Ice age flooding, avalanches – Ayne frozen while in stasis
2262-Jadwen turns 1000
2265-Omega begins sleeping
2353-War of Shadows begins (continuation of the War of Elves)
2365-Omega is awoken

Probably most of this makes no sense. ;)


It's hard to say throughout the passage of time. However, pre-GMW (Great Mage War) the Conian Empire was actually a monarchy (see Uryir and Jonec). Afterwards, and up until the Age of Technology (see above), the Empire had an emperor. After that, I haven't really figured it out yet, but my Mallory's time it's a democracy. Also, Myfan and Glader consider themselves to be the protectors of whoever happens to be in control throughout the ages, though said ruler usually doesn't know this (one exception is Lydon).

Capital/Major Cities

Will fill in later…


Mostly humans, but later there are Shadowfolk. Will expand later.


Will fill in later…


Will fill in later…


With the exception of the Paladins, who become very cult-like, there is really only one religion, as Cona (and to an extent, even Anoc), are pretty involved in the world's history, mostly through Free Spirits and Spirit Fighters. Before Cieldor's time, however, was "pagan", and there are people who refuse to acknowledge either divinity by Ayne's time (Paladins included, sort of (my Paladins are… unusual)).


Will fill in later… this needs a lot of explaining.


Will fill in later…


Grifex and his puppets- by extension, Anoc and his other Spirit Fighters, but most of them die/give up, and Anoc doesn't do much himself.


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