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Author: Maracate
Appears In: Siren's Song


The second planet in a system of five. It circles a silver sun, and has two moons. The majority of the planet is covered in forests and mountains, though there are plains and oceans.

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Places of Interest

  • Odaenian Forest: A forest to the northeast of the plains, and west of the ocean. It is where the Odaenians live.
  • The Plains: a grassy area between the Odaenian forest and . Some Humans live there on small farms.
  • Ordosiy: A pace that's like the Plains, only with more trees. Most humans live there, along the Roain River. Note: this is the Odaenian name for this area. It means roughly "The diseased state of order". How the name came about is unknown. There is no human name for this area.
  • Kalac Woods: A small forest in the southernmost part of Tuore.
  • Anara Lands: The Anara Lands are by far the strangest place in the Land of Tuore. It is also known as "The Wild Lands", due to the strange appearance of the land and the even stranger creatures who dwell there. For the most part, it consists of long golden grass and the occasional dark blue tree. Any part of the Anara Lands that looks normal is considered dangerous.


Though the term "Anara" is used to refer to all creatures that live there, there are many different races to be found, each one stranger then the last.

* Odied: Creatures that most closely resemble deer in basic build. They have short, dark blue fur spotted gold. The underside is also gold, along with the inside flanks, inside the ears, and along the nose. They have two sets of ears, one set directly behind the other. Short black antlers spiral back from their heads. They tend to live close to the Arries Mountains.
* Shadows: Shadows look somewhat like a hyena/wolf/coyote crossbreed. They are completely black, and seem to lack any sort of aspect that would make them look 3D. They are seen only between dusk and dawn, and are well known for eating any living creature that gets too close. They live in packs that rarely have more then 3 members.
* Horses: Horses from the Anara Lands look much like the horses of Ordosiy. They are known for being much smarter, though more vicious also. KAA and knights uses Anara Horses as steeds. It has been found that if two Anara Horses breed outside the Anara Lands, the offspring is just like a normal horse.
* Anara: A race with no other name. they are humanoid in appearance, though with unusually colored, glowing eyes and markings of the same color. They are considered to be the dominant race of the Anara Lands. They are highly intelligent and magical. They tend to keep too themselves, not really caring that much about the world, though at least one is living in a human city.

Places of Interest

* Siren's Pond: A small pond deep within the Anara Lands. It lies at the bottom of a short, randomly placed cliff. it is surrounded by short green grass, and the water is unnaturally blue. It is where the Sirens make their home.


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  • Human: The Priestess and her Sisters rule the humans, but they are ruled (unwillingly, and, for the most part, unknowingly) by the Seven Lords.
  • Odaenian: They appear to have a Monarchy, but it doesn't seem to be very serious.
  • Anara: There is no Anara ruler, as it is such a broad term, spread over countless different races.

Places Within the Places of Interest

  • Ledain: The Largest human city, it is where the Priestess "rules".
  • Meddon: The city of Meddon is the second largest human city, home to the Knight's Academy Academy.
  • Addolidai: The only Odaenian city left. It is hidden deep within the Odaenian Forest.
  • The Pass: the only known way into Tuore. It is a small strip of land between the Arries Mountains and the sea.


  • Humans: The Humans came from the other side of the Arries Mountains long ago. They are short-lived compared with the other races, living only about 85 years, if lucky. They are extremely distrustful of all other races, particularly the Odaenians, whom they view as soulless monsters. They have the ability of magic, though only the females of the race know how to use it.
  • Odaenians: The Odaenians age very slowly, both in mind and body. They remain children for approximately 85 years, and spend the rest of their life (about 600 years in total) as teen to young adults. There is no such thing as an elderly-looking Odaenian. They look just like humans, except for their hair, which ranges from white to various pale colors. They are very vulnerable to sicknesses. They have great magical powers, which are used often. An Odaenian will never fight in cold blood.
  • Anara: The Anara are hard to describe, as it is used for any creature from the Anara Lands. They range from Shadows, which are black, coyote-like creatures, to Odied (Oh-Dee-Ed), the flying 'deer', to more humanoid creatures. In most cases, Anara keep to themselves.


  • The Old Tongue: The original language of the Odaenians, used before the humans came. It is little used now.
  • Human Language: Though it has no true name, it is the most spoken language, used by all Humans, most Odaenians, and the few humanoid Anara.


Only humans use money, which consists of small coins of copper, silver, gold, and various mixtures of the metals.


  • Humans: They believe whatever their Priestess says.
  • Odaenian: They believe that the world is one giant book, and they should try to make it as unusual as possible.
  • Anara: Only the more humanoid Anara have a religion. It varies quite a bit, but the base of it is the same. They believe that one day there will be a Great Storm that will cleanse the world of all life. Most see that the Humans and Odaenians somehow delay the coming of The Storm, but very few care enough to actually try and help.


  • Humans: The humans know very little of magic and machines. They live in something akin to the Medieval times, though they have "Metal Birds" that allow them to fly. They have also learned some secrets of Alchemy, which they put to use in their ongoing "war" with the Odaenians. For unknown reasons, only females have the ability to use magic.
  • Odaenians: Odaenians are extremely adept at all forms of magic, though each has a certain type of magic that they prefer to use. They probably could build machines, but they don't want to.
  • Anara: Defiantly magical. That's all that's known.




Humans hate everyone, Odaenians just want to be friends, and most Anara couldn't care more.


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