The Blue Planet Terra

The Blue Planet/Terra is the main home world of Kikkia, Cecil and a few of their dear friends.

*Author: Kikkia Jade Lacie
*Appears In: Clash of the Heoes (I-V)

^^Main Locations:


Mist/Norune Village



Palm Brinks

Moon Flower Palace

##Others places are not visted at all.


The Military Nation of Baron Kingdom:
Population: 4,700
Area: 17,012 sq. mi.
Chief Industries: Manufacturing and Agriculture
Info: Baron is one of the only nations in the world with the technology to build airships, thanks to the research done by Cid,
and has an elite squadron known as the Red Wings, initially commanded by both Biggs and Wedge.

The Nation of the Magical Mysidia/Qeens:
Population: 800
Area: 9,246 sq. mi.
Chief Industries: Agriculture and Fishing
Info: It is the hometown of Porom and Palom, and is one end of the Devil's Road, which connects Baron and Mysidia.
The Tower of Prayers is located in Mysidia, and is where the Elder, Minwu VIII prays for those he cares about.

The Nation of Faith Troia/Sindan:
Population: 1500
Area: 10,817 sq. mi.
Chief Industries: Agriculture, Forestry, Livestock farming, and Tourism
Info: The kingdom is home to the Earth Crystal, and because of its blessings, Troia is a land of lush forests and flowing rivers.

^^World History:

The world's history has only been recorded by the Fairies, Eidolons, and Lunarians.


The King of Baron: Cecil Harvey, the young Holy Paladin.

The Troiaian Rulers: The Eight Female Clerics of the Earth Crystal.

Queen of Moon Flower Palace: Alexandra Highwind, Ghost of the castle grounds.


English/Human, Fairy, and Lunarian


Gold Coins/Gil/Gilda


Most Races pray to the great Lord Trinity Cross as their God, expect for the Fairies who pray to Lady Mia, his wife.


Airships, Boats, Clocks, Lamps, White/Black/Summoning Magics, and Fairy Magic.


The King of Darkness and his whole Army.

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