Sanctuary is essentially a pocket dimension of sorts. It was a place constructed with magic, to house the hoard of a dragon - a Bookwyrm, if one can forgive the pun. The library was constructed above natural caves, the latter of which was used to contain the dragon's more conventional treasures. Sanctuary was alive, however, and as its purpose changed, so did it alter itself to suit the needs of those who came to live there. While not a world unto itself, it served as a crossroads and a gateway to others. In its current incarnation, it is a center of learning; many seek access to the countless tomes of the dragon's hoard, but Sanctuary itself does not allow those with evil intentions to pass the threshold.

1) Certain aspects of it, including several character species, are based loosely on Dungeons & Dragons.
2) It literally started out as a hole in the ground in the middle of a flower field that was lined with bookshelves and cushy armchairs, as the place in my head where my figments hung out while waiting for stuff to do. Needless to say, it started to get a bit cramped after a while.
3) Sanctuary is STILL the place in my head where my figments hang out, but it's expanded into a part of their stories as well. Shenanigans tend to happen in both, but the important factor is that most of them have been to worlds not their own - few aside from related figments are from the same world - and all are aware of the existence of other such worlds. Most have been to at least one other world, and most are not from the world in which Sanctuary is anchored. All have access to the great Gate that opens to other worlds.

Author: RiseFromTheAshes
Appears In: Any RP I'm in, usually.


Sanctuary is a pocket dimension but maintains a physical location as well; the towering windows of the library proper face northward out from the side of a mountain over a nearly uninhabited expanse of grassy, rolling hills. Half a mile out, there is a cliff that slopes down to the west. A dip in the land has been turned into an amphitheater on the side of the hill, looking out over the shore of a deep, still lake. A submerged network of caves leads from the lake up into the caverns below Sanctuary, commonly used by the aquatic and amphibious species and sometimes by an occasional elemental, still guarded by the consciousness of the structure above. A handful of small towns and farms dot the fertile hills, all protected tooth-and-nail by the residents of Sanctuary, but they grow very slowly; it takes a stout heart (or one accustomed to such things) to bear the sight of multiple dragons blocking out the sun on a regular basis. It isn't uncommon for residents of Sanctuary to come down to help during harvest time, or to hunt for the isolated communities during the bitter winters there. The land itself technically belongs to the various nations surrounding the mountain range where Sanctuary is built; it is more or less at the center of a meeting point of borders, and there are tensions toward Sanctuary from these surrounding nations. However, after the first attempt to oust the residents cost one aggressive neighbor nearly their entire army, no other nation dared to try.


Sanctuary was originally created as a library by Ashvael to house the hoard of his then-lover, Calais, a shapechanging Prismatic dragon. The library itself was a mile wide, half a mile deep and high enough that it was possible to fly over the tops of the shelves; it was lit by the floor-to-ceiling, arched windows and the magical skylight that made up the roof during the day, and countless floating mage-lights that slowly brightened as the natural light faded. It had been intended to be just for them, but as word spread of the library - and the fact that the dragon who lived there wasn't terribly likely to eat anyone foolish enough to cross his path - knowledge-seekers came in the hopes of an audience and a chance to peruse the shelves in search of rare tomes. There were also thieves, but most of those came to a swift end or were thrown out on their ears. Among other things, old friends of the pair eventually found Sanctuary and were invited in.
It was at this point that Sanctuary demonstrated its true power, expanding beyond the library to create living spaces and work areas for the newcomers. This started a bit of a trend, as more strange folks, familiar and not, trickled in. Eventually, Ashvael's dimensional wanderlust led him to go exploring again, and he began to pick up "strays", increasing the population of Sanctuary further.
These "strays" were the beginnings of what would come to be called the Order of the Glass Dragon - a group of oddballs and outcasts sworn to protect those that could not protect themselves and defend the worlds from whence they had come. Many were magical in nature, most were immortals of one form or another and few were even human, but they became one another's family and learned (sometimes via cracks over the head with a quarterstaff by Elan Brewster, the weapons-master - a Warrior-Mage of the White Hand - whose job it was to make sure that they SURVIVED their forays into other worlds) to work together.
As it stands currently, Sanctuary is populated by a clan of approximately thirty dragons (fortunately, the structure is fully capable of accomodating all but the largest of them); a pack of lycans and their allies, a clan of vampires; a family of werecats; a flock of phoenixes; a handful of demons; several angels; a half-dozen qilin; and an assortment of mages, warriors and miscellaneous other beings. It has become, over time, a center of learning and the arts. It is a haven for those who seek acceptance; all who live there understand what it's like to be ostracized and rejected, and all those who seek it are granted the benefit of the doubt.


Sanctuary may not have a "ruler" in the sense that the term implies. Calais handles the "tourists", the visitors and those who seek knowledge or a teacher in whatever skill they are endeavoring to learn; Ashvael handles the "military" side of things, coordinating the Order during crises and assigning them to worlds that he feels need a watcher, or sending them to deal with trouble that's cropped up.


Sanctuary is a melting pot of species. Magic is prevalent in the majority. Most are humanoid and many of the magical creatures are capable of shapeshifting to some degree, though most tend to keep some aspects of their nonhuman forms.


There's a massive variety in language; what's commonly spoken is sort of a hodgepodge pidgin language made up of the speech from each world they've come from, though everyone eventually learns at least enough of the Trade language of Sanctuary's anchor world to communicate with anyone that comes in.


There is no "set" religion. Most simply try to live the best they can. Immortals don't tend much toward religion.


There are several types of magecraft used in Sanctuary, though most have the same roots. Magic is drawn from within oneself and from everything around the mage. Stronger mages can access "rivers" of magic called ley lines, and nodes - places where the ley lines meet and magic pools. There are also a few elemental mages - those that manipulate earth, air, water and fire - and several that can manipulate the elements on an instinctive level. Several of the magical species have their own particular brand of magic.
There isn't a whole lot of pure technology; most of it is built by the resident mad genius, Arden Thatch, a half-Atlantean who was recently added to the wolf pack. One half of the second floor was given over entirely to his workshop due to the tendency of his inventions to explode in spectacular fashion or wreak some other type of havoc. Primarily, he builds mage-tech with the help of those who actually use it - things like power amplifiers, a gun with bullets of concentrated magical energy (and a bottomless clip until the mage himself runs out of energy - not a weapon for someone with limited power). His other interests include explosives, fireworks, hover-tech, and amplifying mundane strength with machinery. He also has a set of mechanical wings a la Icarus… Just with actual functionality, thanks to a combination of complex pulley systems and his own inhuman strength and endurance.
Overall, though, most things are done more with magic than technology.


Sanctuary lacks true allies, but other nations have been known to request or hire assistance from Sanctuary to deal with problems they cannot deal with themselves (such as rogue mages, monsters and general all-around evil).




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