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The third planet in a system of five. It circles a silver sun, and has one moon. The majority of the planet appears to be ocean, with one large island surrounded by numerous small islands.


  • Dealla: An extremely large building located in clearing in the middle of The Forest. It is where the majority of the Aruthrans live. It boasts of many Crafters (mages), and outlandish technology.
  • The Forest: The forest that covers the Island.
  • Rosenrie Islands: Consists of six islands, with Cruzi and Nala being the largest.
  • Celtra Islands: Consists of six islands, all of which are exactly the same size.
  • Soren Islands: Consists of three islands. Only Soren is inhabited.
  • Electrina Islands: Consists of 12 islands. Most live on Silvra, Jadita, and Aurena.
  • The Paw: Five islands that form the shape of a paw. Yet to be explored.
  • Pehonin: Second largest of all the islands.
  • The Circle: Unknown.


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There are numerous versions of the Aruthran throughout the world.

  • Of The Deallathe people of the Dealla generally have white hair and green eyes. weather this was originally natural or something that happened when the Dealla where built is a mystery.
  • Of The Forest Those native to The forest have brown hair and gold eyes. Very few people actually live in the forest, and their way of life in unknown.
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  • Degryla: The belief that the Elements are controlled by one simply known as The Green Woman. The Green Woman is sick, however, and requires Heula to help her keep the energies in balance.


The mages of this world. There are 7 types of Crafters: Spirit, Electric, Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Heula.

  • Spirit: Not uncommon, Spirit-Crafters generally specialize in healing the sick and injured. Some Spirit-Crafters can read minds and control others, but that's extremely rare.
  • Electric: A rarer type of Crafter, They manipulate electricity. Most Electric-Crafters are also inventors.
  • Fire: Common but generally untrusted, Fire-Crafters manipulate fire. They are well known for burning down sections of the Dealla and The Forest.
  • Water: The most common type of Crafter. Water-Crafters manipulate nearly all forms of liquid, depending on how powerful they are.
  • Earth: A common type of craft, Earth-Crafters manipulate the earth and plant life. For some reason they rarely live as long as others.
  • Wind: Not overly common, Wind-Crafters manipulate the wind, and, if powerful enough, can teleport.
  • Heula: The rarest type of Crafter, Heula can connect to and manipulate any element, as long as it's natural. They are also highly unstable, and the longer they go without elemental contact, the more unstable they become.


  • Spring : The 94 Days of Flowers (Floneua)
  • Feiri: 24 days
  • Impia: 24 days
  • Liwia: 23 days
  • Eilian: 23 days
  • Summer : The 92 Days of Warmth (Chihesa)
  • Ahryra: 24 days
  • Boathi: 22 days
  • Crasa: 23 days
  • Glia: 23 days
  • Fall : The 90 Days of Wind (Hawnia)
  • Danol: 22 days
  • Arafu: 23 days
  • Adfei: 22 days
  • Darfo: 23 days
  • Winter : The 89 Days of Frost (Eira)
  • Frata: 22 days
  • Rhena: 24 days
  • Eira: 20 days
  • Cannai: 23 days


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