World Setting

The story of NS4W is based in the MMORPG of Ragnarok Online. The world, Midgard, is based off of Norse myth. Though there are many augments and adjustments that we have made to the standing story line of RO the basis of the world is the same. We have kept some plot points from the MMO in our story, such as the destruction of Morroc by Satan Morroc. We have also given back stories to areas/plot points that are not given within the MMO. Characters are based very roughly off of the classes (and off of the characters we actually play) in the game, but many have skills not available in the game and wear costumes very different from those of the classes they are.

What is NS4W?

NS4W stands for No Sleep For The Wicked. NS4W is the guild I am in on Ragnarok Online. This guild is a roleplaying guild, lead by our wonderful guild leader ~Red Fox~ (in game name. Author name to come at a later date) who created the story of NS4W. The story of NS4W is hard to explain and very complicated, but the story starts with the characters of Red Fox and Will Tedo, a thief and a merchant from Morroc, the evolution of their friendship and their adventures (mishaps). Later Serena Angelus joins the guild by way of being introduced by Saint Tel, and then Anaecia (later Anaecia Fox when she marries Red). Next to join the guild was Xirane Loriyen (simply known by her first name by most as she refuses to mention her last name) who ended up with this rag-tag group simply by chance and a desire for adventure. Last to join was Kite Sekase, also joining by chance durring a time of great turmoil for the guild. Together this strange, rag-tag group of adventurers seek to realize the truth behind each of their pasts in order to save the future, not only for themselves but also for all of Midgard. The time of the next Ragnarok is upon us…


My Characters

~Red Fox~'s Characters (will link later)

  • Red Fox
  • Cul Talon/Loki
  • Saint Tel
  • Lodena Clover
  • Zan Clover
  • Mero Luna
  • Nicols Talon
  • Azel Suzuki
  • Lark Sekase

(possible more to come)

Will Tedo's Characters (will link later)

  • Will Tedo
  • Elnoroth Coolberry
  • Azriel Tel

(ack, I'm sure there are more just can't remember them!)

Anaecia Fox's Characters (will link later)

  • Anaecia Fox
  • Kileska
  • Kira Riskario
  • Kalura Riskario
  • Demetrios Roloph

(I'll add more when I remember them >.>)

Serena Angelus' Characters (will link later)

  • Serena Angelus
  • Victoria Krovic
  • Jynx of the Northwind
  • Calista Seril
  • Sowelojal
  • Lotheria
  • Faust VonWolfe
  • Cyan Derosa

(Again, more to come when I remember them all)

Kite Sekase's Characters (sorry, but there will never be any available links to this author)

  • Kite Sekase
  • Stephen Belmont
  • Father Callahan
  • Billy Kwon

(umm I think that might be it)

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