Heroes of Amaranth

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Author: Woodwings
Appears In: Heroes of Amaranth: In Brokenness I Soar, Homeward Bound


The story Heroes of Amaranth: In Brokenness I Soar is set in the nation of Albion, in a city called Amaranth.


This world includes countries and nations parallel to those of our own world, including such places as Albion, Cymru, Caledonia, Éire, Lawrentica (England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, America), to name a few. Prussia, Gaul (France) and Qin'a (China) are also in there somewhere, though I'm still working on what to call most of the countries.


Write your world/nation's history.

Well, things have been a bit different in this world to our own, and they've had their own wars and rearrangements of things not necessarily coinciding with ours. Some events correlate, but not always. They also got around to technology and biological tinkering sooner than we did, but not as much is mass produced - there are still many home-grown industries flourishing (probably due to something political I'm not going to try working out just now). Their legal systems have things in them that we might recognise, but their laws are not necessarily the same, or of the same roots.


About your world/nation's ruler(s).

Oh, something interesting about Albion: The king is whoever is on the throne, regardless of gender, and their consort is always called the queen. Thus, King Ursula of the Round Table would actually make sense. Sort of. As much as any myth, anyway.

Capital/Major Cities

About your world/nation's capital city or major cities.


About the people/races/creatures that populate your world/nation.


The different nations use their own languages, but the nation most focused upon speaks English (Albish).


Similar to our world, but favours done and owed have a perhaps greater influence than in our world.


There are as many religions as in our world, though not all are as we know them. Kemetic Orthodoxy, a modern revival of ancient Egyptian beliefs, is more widely known than in our own world, and possibly a little different. Again, still working this out. Ancient Norse and Greek and Roman beliefs are also more prominent here than our own world. I haven't quite worked out why, but that's beside the point.


This world contains superpowers and a higher level of technology than found in our world, but whether there is magic (or aliens) is unclear.


Does your world/nation have allies?


Villains and other rogue supers are deemed to be threats, there are also warring political powers. Most threatening are the Crux, who use cyborg technology to produce warriors.


Does your world/nation have a motto?

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