Myth is the name I will use for the world where Ghost was set, although there really isn't an official name used by the locals. They just call it "Earth" or "The world." The name Myth is more of a general identifier, the way that sci-fi authors always call our Earth "Terra".

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Author: Weomur
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Myth is an average-sized world similar to Earth in shape, structure, and climate. It is usually divided into three large continents, although of course there are many islands and pseudo-continents in between.

Let's begin with the southernmost continent, Primum, the second-largest of the continents and very possibly the most densely inhabited. Primum is irregularly shaped and about twice the size of Australia. Approximately three quarters of it is apportioned below the equator. Primum is known for its climactic extremes, and while the northwestern portion of it is primarily desert, the southwestern peninsula is practically glacial. Primum is home to savannahs, jungles, volcanoes, inland seas, and one very large iceberg, as well as a world of biological diversity. Not only do its flora and fauna differ wildly, but so do its people, from the nomadic Gebidi to the kingdom of Ahkul to the empires of the Ixidz. It is often considered to be the origin of all life on earth, and the people of Primum do little to discount this belief. It is on account of this that its largest desert, just south of the Moto Chain, is somewhat ironically called the "Wellspring Desert" by scholars.

Just north of Primum is a chain of volcanic islands called the Moto Chain or the Origin Isles, home to an incredibly sophisticated and incredibly aloof people who consider their own civilization to be not only the first human kingdom, but also the most advanced. Each island acts as a separate city-state within the union, and the capital of each rules over its own island and represents itself to the council in Kyanno, the nation's capital. The Moto Chain acts as a sort of "bridge" between Primum and Secundum, and it is believed that early settlers must have crossed the islands in order to reach and colonize Secundum.

As might be implied by its name, Secundum is believed to be the second continent settled by man, and although in the past it has had many other names (as has Primum) most scholars agree that the number-based system currently used is the most accurate and representative of each continent. It is the largest of the continents, as well as the main setting of the Ghost series, home to such nations as Aster, Valov, and Saani. It is roughly as wide east-west as it is north-south, with a long, tail-like peninsula curving around from the southwest to create a large sea in the southern part of the continent. This is the Pearl Sea, natively called Svarastri. The nation of Saani is more or less built around this sea, existing both on its sandy desert shores and on the lush islands scattered throughout it. The peninsula, too, which is both mountainous and filled with vegetation, is part of Saani. The large desert that takes up much of the southeastern end of the continent goes unclaimed, although Saani treats it as a part of itself. It is populated by various nomads and outcasts, and a few cities exist which stubbornly declare themselves to be independent states, despite Saani's interference. Known for their spices and wealth, these cities are strong along the edge of the desert like a web and provide a path for merchants to travel from the northern end of the continent to Saani without crossing the vast expanse of the desert. Because of their orientation, these cities are often grouped into a single entity called the Pearl Strand. ~to be continued later~


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