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Lunariousiė: The large earth like planet that once existed in Alsatia, The Green Light Universe, of the Glitterr Galaxy in the Ŀun'Ar System itself. Many, many, many millennia ago long before the “Shift” happened as the LunȧRiia once called what is known as The Great Breaking today by other mortal races around that still currently exist.  

The Author: Silver Goddess, Me 

Appears in The Story of:

LuNar's BaLes  

Is a Part of:

The Immortal Chronicles series at large, in general, referenced etc. 

Small Cameos in:

Immortal Chronicles, mentioned, briefly seen via old records or flashback-vision-stuffs  

Lunariousiė, The planet that once existed in the Ŀun'Ar System, was a world mostly unexplored and its original population had long since died out many many eons before the LunȧRiia race descended from their former colonized moons' based homes. Due to a sudden great mass of meteor showers, dubbed “The Fallings”, that ruined their field protective barrier defenses thus making them flee to the lush planet's surface far down below just to survive.


The vast world, originally named as “Baèlocc”, now renamed "Lunariousiė" by the LunȧRiia race, once had five moons in total, a very large dusty off white hued one, the second was a pale blue one, the third was a soft green (their first original homes' main area settled/origins) one, the fourth was a lighter pink to purple to yellow gradient faded hue colored type one, and the fifth and final one was slightly golden looking in tones (their second original homes' other area settled), that all orbited the world very very slowly. Due to its rotational speed and relative smaller size in comparison to other worlds/moons near by it in space, it had about 32 hours in a single day. The population usually sleeps mostly about 12 hours a night on average. And if in a type of schoolings or work they spend about 10 hours there.  

It had only three seasons in total, and its atmosphere was a bit more different to Earth's own by comparison, the double suns looked like different colors depending on the seasons during the day and the five moons glowed almost like bright freshly polished jewelry at night time especially during clear weather times. Two of their seasons though were much longer, while the one was shorter like only a month or two or so long, given the far distance from the suns and the slow factor rate of the planet's general orbit and size and mass and density and so forth.  

This meant that the winters there were super long, cold, chilly and dangerous, and the Spring time was almost always around 56° each year or a bit lower, with fall barely ever going below the 20s most of the time through the year. Summer itself was nonexistent, the LunȧRiia had 13 months in their year, with around 34 days in each month altogether evenly in total.


Lunariousiė has three major “cities” for its locations. The first one being The Citadele structured capital, ƳüTiJȧa, the LunȧRiia's main capital city with a tall central double crystallized spire tower in the main region they live at, built from the remains of their old crashed structures, surrounded by a magical net barrier that keeps bugs out but not the weather, to protect their various fields. A coastal small town in the so far explored/settled world's sandy coastline 𝘕uuLiol, a smaller village and temple in the location just near (by) it each/in the forest of StelleSolås itself. The second one known about being the Meϣkiȵs', a tiny height, more cat like, almost child body sized, race's tribal grouped up, tented circular settlements, and lastly the third discovered is an ancient abandoned ruined kingdom, once named Tolkcushio, from so so long ago that the original native races built eons before they all died out mysteriously. It's now slowly being covered in thick overgrowths of everything else around it. It has an underground set of chambers. 

Than (sort of -ish-y) near by the old covered ruins is an even smaller sized tribal tree top based village of the Vekdrae’Natt, a really tall height, nomadic type ancient race of bird, mostly ‘feline’, deer, bit of reptilian, and aquatic - humanoid like creatures that live there as well. Aptly named as Creee’Iss’tekk in their own language's sounds when spoken aloud by them as they mostly don't speak normally too well.  

ƳüTiJȧa:  Capital city of the LunȧRiia peoples, home to the five mystical Ŋaturea Crystals and where the Ꮆifted ones go to live, work, train, and learn to better harness their many great natural powers of stronger born magic especially Elemental ones.

Beyond the city towards the south west lies a huge lake called Lune-PriCyȧ where the residents have their sphere shaped space crafts hidden at in the bottom's deep depths in case of any emergencies ever arise again.

𝘕uuLiol:  The small coastal village on the outer edges of the forest StelleSolås, where the those who can do plant based magics live and work the local farmlands' wide fresh varied crops and watermills by the riverbanks' sandy, stoneless sides. 

StelleSolås:  The forest where the near by temple complex home is located in a wide central clearing shaped like an irregular oval of sorts kinda with a pond. Originally named by the Vekdrae’Natt and Meϣkiȵ both some unknown years prior.  

Tolkcushio:  an ancient abandoned ruined kingdom from a very long time ago. Originally built by the now extinct native races of the world, a great purple stone crafted monument of the ages long long before, since past. It was the most advanced kingdom of its time. The high royal family of this once great, prosperous kingdom mysteriously and unknowingly disappeared one day unexpectedly without a single trace.  

Creee’Iss’tekk:  the high tree top based small kept village home of the Vekdrae’Natt tribal race, that's remained hidden unknowingly to the LunȧRiia kind until very recently, thanks to young SterrNuis's little accidental stumble upon them. Their specific tribe's name is the Forrest’Bouns in their language's tongues. They have lived in the forest region well over thousands of years now at present. They love to eat certain river fish and the Stalkerr’Crabbs as they dub the medium spider like crab creatures.   

Grawrr’Qeee’tekk:  the mid mountain top based village of the other Vekdrae’Natt tribe, referred to as the Peak’Bouns, they trade with the other two tribes but especially with those of Creee’Iss’tekk village even helping them with big grouped planned hunts, like woolly looking creatures, on occasions.  

The third and final tribe are referred as the Sea’Bouns, they live in the ocean's darkened depths and only go on to land when giving arranged trades to the other two tribes or in need more fresher air to breathe in.

"The Nation(s)":   

Valli𝐬·LuNar’ {The Lunars' Valley} is the name of the wide general area in which the LunȧRiia have long since settled into all those several decades ago, since then leaving their old homes behind on the now desolate Moons' fresh cratered surfaces.  


None Worshipped  

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None of Importance  


Is a Story related Secret


The LunȧRiia, the Meϣkiȵ, and the Vekdrae’Natt races are the only known three to exist on the whole planet's lush, vibrant surface so far as far as each knows of presently. 

Many various plants, creatures and wildlife, sea-life-forms, etcetera, exists beyond them, most being quite docile or non-poisonous or deadly related to them, but it's not without its own varied dangers either.


There's three known languages on Lunariousiė: They are the LunȧRiias' natural dialect, called LunȧRiiann, the Meϣkiȵs' various cat like dialects with mewings, and the Vekdrae’Natt's own dialects, commonly called as Vet’Reii by them. 

There's also a fourth forgotten language too, albeit only left in some written forms from the original long ago, extinct natives, yet barely readable now by anyone alive presently.


Different “coin” like sized/shaped crystal mixed rocks and naturally metallic purpley dyed colored leaves.  


See Species/Races for Technologies/Advancements/Magics:

The Different Species/Races Seen:

The LunȧRiia

The Vekdrae’Natt

The Meϣkiȵ


Place of Origins:  Lunariousiė   

Currently Located At:   

The distant descendents of the LunȧRiia race [the Kammiian or Lunarian survivors of Kammiea themselves] all currently live in Rua'SiBaliė', a tiny mountain surrounded town, on the upper far edge of Centra West Terra's central landmass by the long forgotten and unused Silver Goddess's open high sky temple.


Far, far well above regular Humankind type levels in comparisons overall, yeah.

The Characters'/Cast's Names Pronunciations:    

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Prince Luisous Hairriousesy

Sunoa Kisoli

Other Known Names of the LunȧRiia Race:   

‘‘The Green’’ Moon Lunarians, The Ancient Kammiian Ancestors, Gȧeȧn-Lunars 

Other Names said by Other Races:

Ĕcuu-lyii = LunȧRiia (the Alsatiaiins' term for them more in a general sense overall when mentioned)

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