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Kammiea: The "planet" that once existed in Alsatia, The Green Light Dimension, now resides within the void, outside of time and space in between the *Twelve Light Dimensions* and is called "Yellow Moon Island" by the people who currently live there.

Author: Silver Goddess
Appears In: Kammiea
Is a Part of: The White Cloud Legacy series

Kammiea: The planet that once existed between "Grand Pluse" and Spira, above Green Terra, long long long ago, it was home to the individuals who are now known as the Red Moon Lunarians.

Kammiea was the fifth planet that once existed between "Grand Pluse" and Spira, above Green Terra's lands, in Alsatia. It had two moons, one very large yellow one, and second a light blue moon that orbited it very very slowly. Due to its rotation speed and relative small size, it had about 28 hours in a day in comparison to the world below.
It had four seasons, and it's atmosphere was similar to our own, except that the the Sun there looked royal blue during the day. The seasons were much longer, given the distance from the sun and the slow rate of orbit.
This meant that the winters were super long and cold, and the summers super long and hot. Spring and Fall were super short lasting only two months at a time, Kammiea had 14 months in their years, with 33 days in 1 month total.

Kammiea has three nations the first being The City, second is the only mining town in the "world" LeShaMo and the third being the Giant talking Cats/Pale Wings Capital Site of their settlements.

YunNaa—LeeshKa: Is the most advanced place in all of Kammiea. It also had The Three Great Kingdoms there as well. The City itself is divided into four districts [Crystal segs]. The City is home to the Low bloods or Lowers of the race, one of the districts [segs] is named: CroSa.

LeShaMo: Is much less advanced than The City, but is still more advanced compared to the small Pale Wings village. The town sends whatever it finds to Cydonia**. LeShaMo is home to the half bloods/others.

Capital Site: is home to most of the Giant talking Cats/Pale Wings races themselves.

The Three Great Kingdoms: Were The Higurashi Kingdom, home to the Black bloods, The Starlight Kingdom, home to the Royal Crystalline Beings, and last was The Cydonia Kingdom (Castle), home to all the High bloods or Uppers who are born with the powers of Magic, mostly have white hair and were head of the whole race's world.
There is also a temple for their Goddess in the center of Cydonia Castle's gardens along with one for her and in the center of The City there's a statue for the ○Old Neon God○ acting as a marker of sorts for everyone.

The King of Higurashi Kingdom was once named Jack Higurashi. His son was named ZeroMus (ZeMus) and Jack's wife, The Queen, who's name was Lady JanisRaa.
The Queen of Star Kingdom is long deceased, who had lived a sad and lonely life, but her court still remains inside it's halls.

The Former powerful King of Cydonia Kingdom (Castle) has long ever since disappeared from the throne and his two sons and Queen went with him to escape the hard life of Royalty, for the life of Lowers, but currently his youngest son is the "ruler" of the castle, which he dubbed "The Keep" and has two sons of his own.

The people who live on this world are the Kammiians themselves. Then there are the Flower-sans, the Giant talking Cats/Pale Wings, and Flying Horned Dolphins.

There are three languages on Kammiea; they are common Kammiian, Forest, and Others however only the High bloods can speak ''very Ancient Kammiian**''.


The currency is Clear Silver Pieces or CSPs for short.


The technology of Kammiea are Crystals which power up everything in the world, and magic is only used by the High bloods.

The race of thin sky blue lipped, short, bright eyed, mostly white haired engineers, pilots, nurses, and magicians that once inhabited Kammiea, but now inhabit the Red Moon of The Blue Planet.
Place of Origin: Kammiea
Currently Located: Lunar Red Moon, Blue Planet (AKA Blue Terra, called so by their Goddess**)

Average Height: Male: 5'0'' - 5'11'' Female: 4'11'' - 5'9''
Average Weight: Male: 144 - 164 lbs. Female: 98 - 132 lbs.
Hair Color Variations: White, Light Blue, Pink (AliceLii only), Pale Purple, Golden Blonde°°,
Bright Brown, Silver, Pale Blonde°°, Red and Black or Blue Grey°° (Rare); but can be dyed or born with a different type of color.

Eye Color Variations: Any bright, jewel toned like related colors (expect for Pink, Teal, Silver, and Orange), with the pupil being a darker shade of the iris's color.
Other Defining Features: Soft Sky Blue lips, and very pale like skin.
Intelligence: Above Human level. They do have their virtuosos and such, like any other race.

Magic/Technology: Very advanced, from a long time millennia of development.

Other Names of the Race: Red Moon Lunarians, Red Lunars, ALouRaii (Alsatiaiins' term) and Moon Peoples (Terrians'/humans' term).

Other Names of the "World" : ALouu = Kammiea (Alsatiaiins' term)

Names of the prayed to Goddesses: DuRaSis = The Entity (or at least Kammiian name for her)[*Belladonna*] and Sil'Kal'Pel'Jde = Kalea Pearl Jade (me)

**Cydonia Castle is the original name of the ☆Rose Manor itself☆

** "Very Ancient Kammiian" is the Alsatiaiin language

**The Goddess of the Kammiian race is Kalea Pearl Jade, the Silver Goddess of Alsatia

°°Colors for High Bloods

°°Colors for Low Bloods

°°Colors for Black Bloods

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