Eh L Dor Vae

Eh'l Dor'vae, the Sky City, the Homeland of Dragons. Eh'l Dor'vae is said to be a number of things ranging from an invisible island, to a pocket dimension, however the truth is that it is a floating city, high up in the sky, always hidden by clouds and an illusion spell. It is said only those who know their way there can ever actually find it, though it's been proven that a traveler who has a good heart and is well intentioned can find their way there entirely by accident.


Author: Raine E. Storms
Appears In: Altheria A city within the world of Altheria


Floating somewhere over the ocean, north east of Lunaria, in the world of Altheria.


Eh'l Dor'vae is made up of a number of islands. The largest is in the center, which holds only the city, where the Endey Draconia, and other humanoid races live. The other islands are scattered around it, and are all verdant. These islands are where many Mynterra as well the dragons themselves are known to live.


Eh'l Dor'vae has existed since the world of Altheria was first created by Day and Night.


The current king of Eh'l Dor'vae is Taldren Opalus, a black prismatic dragon

The current queen Eh'l Dor'vae is Prism Opalus, a white prismatic dragon

The previous queen of Eh'l Dor'vae was Eltherial Opalus, a white prismatic dragon

All of the above are prismatic dragons. They are the longest lived of all dragons, and were the first dragons created by Faera, being the third "race" she created, the first being the Trinn, the second the Althe. The prismatic dragons have crystalline scales that act like prisms. Most prismatic dragons have been known to be white, however black ones have shown up on occasion.

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