The planet the once existed between Mars and Jupiter, long ago, it was home to the individuals now known as Lunarians.

Author: Rosethornzero
Appears In: Light of the Moon and Shadows of the Soul Series


BeyLar was the planet that once existed between Mars and Jupiter in our own Solar System. It had three moons, one very large and bluish white, one small and yellow, and a last, bight white moon that orbited very slowly and only could be seen in the sky for one month out of their year (which is approximately 4.8 Earth Years long). Due to its rotaion speed and relative size, however, it had about 24 hours in a day, simillar to Earth. They had four seasons, and their atmosphere was simillar to our own, with high nitrogen content. Of course, their seasons were longer, given their distance from the sun and their rate of orbit. This meant that their winters were long and cold, and their summers long and hot.


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