Aselia is a world that was once split into two separate worlds, called Tethe'alla and Sylvarant. It serves as the setting for the Student-Teacher Universe (based off of Tales of Symphonia) and the Renegades Reborn series (based off of Tales of Phantasia and set 4,000 years after the S-TU).

Author: KitKatt0430
Appears In: Student-Teacher Universe and Renegades Reborn
Heroes - S-TU = Featuring Yuan, Botta, and a young Gracie
Klutz Mechanic - S-TU = Featuring Erik, Yuan, and Botta
Enter the Student - S-TU = Featuring a young Zelos and Yuan
Trial By Fire - S-TU = Featuring a young Zelos, Erik, a young Linea, and Yuan
Security - S-TU = Featuring Bob, Botta, Erik, Yuan, and a young Zelos
Perfect World and Seraph Silhouette - S-TU = Featuring Yuan, a young Zelos, Botta, and Kratos

Solar System

Aselia is part of an eight planet system and is the only habitable indigenous planet. A rogue planet, Dherris Kharlan, was placed in synchronous orbit with Aselia shortly before Aselia's terraformation. After the completion of the terraforming project, Dherris Kharlan was allowed to drift into an elliptical orbit that took it within teleport distance of Aselia every fifty years.

Though Dherris Kharlan was brought back into the synchronous orbit once more, for a span lasting approximately fifty years, the planet's final, stable orbit in the system is that which only brings it near Aselia every half-century.

There are three planets closer to the sun than Aselia. On the opposite side of the planet is a large asteroid field covering the area where, presumably, there were once two other planets. On the far side of the asteroid field lay the three other planets in the system.

Aselia is orbited by two moons: Sylvarant and Tethe'alla.

Nations and Locations of Importance

Tethe'alla - Ruled over by a monarchy and controlled by a rigid class structure, Tethe'alla maintains a veneer of prosperity meant to hide the country's problems with poverty as well as it's institutionalized prejudices against the large half-elven population. Tethe'alla is also the more technologically advanced of the Aselian nations, but religious doctrine has begun to stifle progress while social unrest has led to the increasing popularity of anarchist activities among the poor and oppressed.

Over the course of 4,000 years, Tethe'alla transforms into the Kingdom of Alvanista, a country that places emphasis upon the equality of its citizens regardless of social class or genetic background. Scientific progress is lost, however, though it has become a haven to those who will pioneer electricity based technology as well as those who choose to study ancient history in magic, preserved within the castle's library.

Sylvarant - Unlike Tethe'alla, Sylvarant has no single form of government but is instead comprised of a coalition of city-states and towns. After the Reunification of the World, the people of Sylvarant establish a council to act as their representatives in dealings with Tethe'alla.

During the 4,000 years that pass between the events of the World Reunification and the Demon Wars, Sylvarant develops into the country of Midgard, an advanced nation focused on the development of magitechnology. Though prejudice is not noticeably prevalent amongst the populace, there is a 'glass ceiling' preventing half-elves from progressing too high within the society. Much of the history of World Reunification has been lost, though records concerning something called the Mana Cannon have recently resurfaced.

The Holy Ground of Kharlan - Originally the site of the Great Kharlan Tree, planted by the elves at the Dawn of the World, Kharlan has remained a holy place throughout the centuries. After the Great Kharlan Tree's death, the site housed the Tower of Salvation, an important fixture of the Martelist faith during that era. In the wake of the Tower's destruction during the Reunification of the world, the Yggdrasill Tree was planted in the rubble and it eventually grew into a replacement for the Great Kharlan Tree. Though the exact location of the Holy Ground is eventually lost, it continues to be venerated by the people of the world as the source of life and Mana.

Heimdall - Known as the village of the elves, Heimdall changes little over time. The population remains largely steady, despite instances where younger elves will leave and live amongst humans and half-elves. When the elder recalls the wayward elves, there are few instances where they refuse to return, even if it means leaving behind loved ones. The long-lived nature of the elves makes changing their insular and prejudiced doctrines difficult as they grow more resistant to change the older they become.

Mizuho - Often changing location to protect the inhabitants, Mizuho is considered to be home by a large clan of ninjas. The people living there are renowned for their accurate intelligence on the world's nations and are often hired as bodyguards and spies.

Dherris Kharlan - The rogue planet orbiting Aselia is known as Dherris Kharlan. Originally inhabited by the Elves, the planet eventually becomes the new home world of the Angels. Not much is known about the surface, but it is considered to be uninhabitable during the 4,000 years between the Great War and the World Reunification. Only one city - Welgaia - is known to exist on Dherris Kharlan. The city is enclosed within a biosphere to protect the inhabitants and maintain a livable atmosphere. The planet itself is believed to be a mass of nearly pure Mana, but it still requires a Great Tree to maintain the world's balance.


The Dawn of the World

Dherris Kharlan enters synchronous orbit with Aselia. A Great Tree seed is planted on Aselia and the planet is inundated with Mana from Dherris Kharlan in order to jump start the terraformation process. The planet eventually begins to produce life forms of its own, including Summon Spirits, Humans, Dwarves, and Protozoans.

-4,000 Aselian Calender

-1512 Aselian Calender

-10 Aselian Calender

12-year-old Zelos Wilder, Chosen of Tethe'alla, runs away to the Tower of Salvation in hopes of convincing the Angels to make his younger sister the Chosen One. At the base of the Tower, Zelos meets Yuan and is taken to the Renegades. After learning about the true state of the world and the real story of the Great War, Zelos decides to join the Renegades, using his status as Chosen to undermine the control of the Church and promote human/half-elven equality. He becomes the first Chosen to actively fight against Cruxis in hopes that his half-sister might live to see the world reunited.

0 Aselian Calender

Colette Brunel, the sixteen-year-old Chosen of Sylvarant begins her Journey of Regeneration after surviving a Renegade attack.

Sheena Fujibayashi of Mizuho is sent from Tethe'alla to Sylvarant with orders to assassinate the Chosen, but after witnessing the suffering of the people in Sylvarant she reluctantly joins forces with the Chosen in hopes of finding a solution that would save both worlds. Within the Tower of Salvation, however, it is revealed that only one world can flourish at any time but the death of one world would kill the other.

Determined to find a method of saving both worlds and Colette, Lloyd Irving takes charge of the group and leads them to Tethe'alla. Once in Tethe'alla they joined forces with Zelos Wilder, who uses his Renegade contacts within Cruxis to lead an insurrection against Yggdrasill. In the wake of the insurrection, the Tower of Salvation is destroyed.

After Mithos Yggdrasill's defeat, Lloyd is able to awaken the Great Seed, causing it to sprout into a new Great Tree. Martel's soul is finally laid to rest and a new Spirit is born as the guardian of the new Great Tree. The Spirit is named Martel and the Tree Yggdrasill in honor of the once-heroic siblings.

1 Aselian Calender

Suspicion that Tethe'alla intends to annex Sylvarant begins to grow amongst the Sylvaranti. The Vanguard is established in Palmacosta, Asgard, and Luin, promoted as a group dedicated to protecting Sylvarantian interests. Due to the group's severely anti-Tethe'allan slant, Lloyd Irving begins promoting the formation of a Sylvarantian Council dedicated to peaceful cooperation with Tethe'alla and the Renegades while firmly establishing Sylvarantian sovereignty.

Due to rising anti-Martelist sentiment, the Renegades begin posting a formal guard at the Holy Ground of Kharlan in order to protect the Yggdrasill Tree and it's guardian.

2 Aselian Calender

The leaders of the Vanguard are corrupted by the use of Centurion Cores and begins taking terrorist actions, using the cores' powers to point the blame on their enemies. Marta Lualdi, daughter of the Vanguard's leader, manages to locate the core of Ratatosk and appeals to Ratatosk for help in stopping the Vanguard from causing the world further strife.

153 Aselian Calender

The people of Sylvarant choose to form two separate nations. Thor, a constitutional monarchy, is formed with Asgard as the capital. A smaller republic, Valkyria, is founded in Iselia and Triet.

1206 Aselian Calendar

Tethe'alla undergoes a civil war and splits into two separate nations, Fenrir and Odin. The two come to a reluctant peace at the urging of Thor and Valkyria.

The Renegade Flanoir Base is closed after the Renegades fail to forge a treaty with Fenrir.

1731 Aselian Calender

Valkyria and Thor join together to form a single republic. A new capital, the city of Thor, is built on the island of Thoda Geyser.

2010 Aselian Calender

Tension between Fenrir and Odin reaches an all time high. The Ragnarok War breaks out despite Thor's calls for peace. High levels of magitechnology use places the Yggdrasill Tree at risk as Mana Canon development begins in both Fenrir and Odin.

2013 Aselian Calender

A meteor, Samier, is detected on a collision course with the planet. Mana reserves have been depleted to the point where there is no method available for destroying the meteor that wouldn't also destroy the Yggdrasill Tree, thus condemning the Summon Spirits and Centurions to death as well.

The Ragnarok Treaty is signed and the people of all nations are assured that Samier will miss the planet in order to avert mass panics.

2014 Aselian Calender

Samier strikes the planet, wiping out the nations of Fenrir, Odin, and Thor, though Thor city is able to survive by sinking to the bottom the ocean. The inhabitants are protected by a force field and scientists begin working on a time travel device that might allow them to change the past and avert the disaster caused by Samier. Unfortunately, though the device is completed, the people of Thor starve to death before the world's Mana levels can recover enough for the device to be successfully utilized.

The Renegades manage to protect Yggdrasill from destruction using the power of a few remaining Cruxis Crystals. Yuan Ka-Fai is killed during the meteor strike, however, and Naomi Wilder chooses to disband the remaining Renegades in favor of forming a new community called Alvanista.

4201 Aselian Calender

Dhaos descends to Aselia from Dherris Kharlan in hopes of attaining a Great Seed from the Yggdrasill Tree. Dherris Kharlan's own Tree has been destroyed due to the overuse of magitech during a war between the angels. The Yggdrasill Tree, however, is overproducing Mana already to meet the needs of magitech being used in both Midgard and Alvanista. Martel is unable to create a Great Seed until Mana production can be scaled back. Deciding to appeal to the nations first, Dhaos approaches the monarchs of Alvanista and Midgard.

Alvanista's King readily agrees to begin scaling back magitech, moving up several energy-tech replacement programs aimed at utilizing the more-complex, but more-efficient, electricity-based technology in places where magitech has been traditionally used.

The King of Midgard is skeptical of the existence of the Yggdrasill Tree and Dherris Kharlan. He dismisses Dhaos as an alarmist and a liar.

4204 Aselian Calender

4205 Aselian Calender

4286 Aselian Calender

4305 Aselian Calender

4356 Aselian Calender

Dhaos is defeated by Cless Alvein, Mint Adnade, Chester Burklight, Klarth Lester, Arche Klaine, and Suzu Fujibayashi. They then send a Great Seed to Dherris Kharlan.

Chester leads the Renegades in defeating the Desians, wiping out their strongholds and freeing their prisoners. The truth regarding the harm caused by magitechnology is revealed to all nations, leading to a world-wide ban on the development of magitechnology. Energy-tech development begins to flourish.

Important Leaders

Student-Teacher Universe




Flanoir Renegade Base

Triet Renegade Base


Renegades Reborn Series

Major Cities

Student-Teacher Universe


Meltokio - Meltokio is the capital city of Tethe'alla and home to the Colliseum, which is world renown for being the ultimate testing ground for weapons experts. The Elemental Research Laboratory is located in Meltokio, where the only known 'artificial' Summon Spirit was created. Though currently the largest city in Tethe'alla, Meltokio suffers from obvious class divisions amongst its citizens.

Sybak - Nicknamed the City of Academics, Sybak is best known for its University and vast libraries. Sybak is also the birthplace of the Starr Syndicate, an organization dedicated to freeing Half-Elves from wrongful imprisonment and borderline slavery.

Altamira - Home of the Lezareno Company, Altamira hosts the first themepark to be created in Tethe'alla and boasts the strongest economy in the world. Altamira's success becomes a point of contention for the Vanguard, who attempt to use the Lezareno Company's CEO, Regal Bryant, as a bargaining chip to destroy the city.

Flanoir - An isolated city on Tethe'alla's frozen continent, Flanoir is surrounded by the mostly peaceful, sentient beings known as Penguiners. Though Flanoir's citizens come into conflict with the Penguiners on occassion, their relations with the natives is typically genial. Flanoir is close to the Ice Temple where Celsius and her companion, Fenrir, reside.

Ozette - Though considered to be out in the boondocks by the majority of Tethe'alla's citizens, Ozette is the hometown of many pivotal figures in Tethe'allan history (Pope Pheran, Presea Combatir, the Quin Twins, etc.). Additionally, many important events (i.e. the Angelic Masacre and the Chosen Murders) involved Ozette directly. Once considered the worst concentration of Half-Elven prejudice, Ozette becomes one of the first Tethe'allan towns to desegregate.


Iselia - Hometown to four of the Heroes of Regeneration, Iselia is an otherwise unremarkable town located near the Temple of Mana and the ruins of one of the four Human Ranches. Devout Martelists continue to view the town as Holy, however, since it was the birthplace of the last Chosen of Sylvarant.

Triet - Located in the desert from which it takes its name, Triet is a thriving city built upon an oasis. The city of Triet is near the Temple of Fire, home of the Summon Spirit Efreet, and the Renegade Triet base; when off base, most Renegades spend their time at Triet.

Palmacosta - Considered to be one of the most important port cities in Sylvarant, Palmacosta continues to survived despite the various damages its suffered. The port was devestated during the brief appearance of the Tree of Destruction and the market was burned to the ground during the Vanguard's attack.

Luin - Totally rebuilt and resettled after being destroyed by the Desians, Luin slowly grows in importance over the years until the Kingdom of Midgard is founded with Luin as the capital.

Asgard - Known as the City of Ruins, Asgard hosts some of the only remaining artifacts dating back to before the Kharlan War. Mostly, though, Asgard is the Sylvaranti equivalent to a tourist trap.

Dherris Kharlan

Welgaia - As the only known city on Dherris Kharlan, Welgaia hosts the entire population of Angels living on the planet. The city serves as the headquarters for Cruxis, a training center for recruits, and a holding site for the Angelic Army, made up of Angels who lack Key-Crests and any sense of self.

Renegades Reborn

Midgard - Once the Capital of the Kingdom of Midgard, the city is destroyed during the Battle of Valhalla against Dhaos' demonic army. The city's destruction, however, came from within the city, not from without; a Mana Canon was built within the center tower of the castle and was meant to be used as a last resort against Dhaos, or any other enemy that might threaten the Kingdom. Unfortunately, the creators did not realize that the amount of Mana the canon drained made it safe for only one use. The second shot destroyed the city and brought an end to the nation.

Midgard later becomes home to a group known as the Desians. An Exsphere research center is built in the ruins of the city and the Mana Cannon is rebuilt, though it is destroyed during a battle with the Renegades before it can be completed.

Alvanista - Founded by the original Renegades, the Royal Family are distant cousins to Chester Burklight. The Royal Library contains the only remaining records dating back to before the Samier meteor. Because of the kingdom's attention to history, Alvanista pioneers research into electric-based technology in order to avoid the mistake of over-using magitechnology.

Fenrir -

Euclid -

Olive Village -







Summon Spirits



Common - Common is spoken in both Tethe'alla and Sylvarant despite the 4000 years of separation between the two worlds. It's widely believed that Cruxis, through the Desians, is responsible for moderating the worlds in order to encourage the same linguistic changes in both places and prevent an unintentional language barrier.

The Angelic Language - The Angelic language was adapted from the ancient language of the first humans. Yggdrasill and Kratos developed it for use solely by Angels and clergy of the Church of Martel in order to add a sense of mystery and awe to Martelism.

A Chosen of the Church can be identified by their deep grasp of the Angelic Language. A real Chosen is taught Angelic first and does not learn Common until they are at least five years old.

Elvish - A language known only to the elves and a handful of first and second generation half-elves, very little is known about the Elvish language due to the insular nature of the Elven community.


The Church of Martel

Developed by Yggdrasill in the name of his sister, Martel, the Church of Martel was designed to subjugate its followers. Though Martel Yggdrasill was not really a goddess, the religion has proven persistent and managed to hold on as a widespread religion despite the defeat of Cruxis.

The main tenants of Martelism are that of acceptance and forgiveness. Unfortunately the leaders of the Church have not always practiced what they preached; corruption within the clergy is not uncommon. In the name of Martel there have been holy wars and oppression, things that run contrary to the religion's main themes and the desires of the real Martel, upon whom the religion was based.

Because Martel Yggdrasill and the Lady Martel, Summon Spirit of the Yggdrasill Tree, are often confused, some detractors of the Church try to marginalize Martelism by classifying it as a branch of Spritism and not a separate religion.


Mana-Theism has two main branches. Both believe that mana is the only aspect of a divine being that can be understood by mortals. Because it has been proven that all forms of usable energy come from converted mana, all magic uses mana, and every living thing has a unique mana signature, mana-theists posit that the divine being is part of all things, living or otherwise. The religion is highly philosophical and open to interpretation. The largest dividing factor in mana-theism is the question of whether or not sentient beings truly have free will or if they are simply acting as the divine being wants them too.


Spiritism is the worship of one or more of the Summon Spirits. The Spirits are beings made of pure mana and some Spiritists mistakenly believe Summon Spirits to be the source of mana. Summon Spirits generally try to ignore their worshipers, being more embarrassed by the unwarranted attention than flattered. The more volatile Spirits, such as Celsius, Efreet, Shadow, and Chameleon, have been known to attack Spiritists who are too persistent in their attempts to meet their gods.



Magitechnology was the first type of technology developed. It originated with the Elves who descended from Dherris Kharlan and used a combination of a spell and circuitry. The magical spell was often referred to as the 'core' and it draws in mana, converts the mana into usable energy, and transfers the energy into the machine. The mana conversion isn't a 'clean' process, however, and a great deal of the mana is wasted in the process. For this reason, the Elves abandoned their technology upon their arrival on the planet, since magitech depletes large quantities of mana, which is essential for the continued existence of life and thus should not be wasted.

Since the Elves' abandonment of magitechnology, humans have redeveloped, and subsequently lost, the use of magitechnology on several occasions.

Energy Tech

Developed to take the place of the mana depleting magitechnology, electricity based technology is often viewed as less efficient than magitech. Energy tech doesn't use spells and thus does not require the conversion of mana to work. Though the viability of energy tech depends on the creation of power plants and batteries to take the place of core spells.

Energy tech is also referred to as non-magitech or non-magic technology.


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