Another World

World Setting

Another World is an AU story for NS4W . It is based in an alternate server for Ragnarok Online. The plots for AW (Another World) were created mostly by me. In AW the area of Payon is destroyed as well as Morroc. (this written because there are 2 Payons on this server) The basic story of AW is based somewhat off the storyline for Twisted Path to the Stars. The heavens have been ripped open, destroying not only the heavens and killing many gods but also destroying large portions of Midgart and killing many mortals as well. This story has some of the same characters as NS4W, however they are most of the time very different from their NS4W incarnations. AW is a CANON AU story. It is even, at times, referenced within the storyline of NS4W.

What is Another World?

Another World is a canon AU story for NS4W based in another server of Ragnarok online. Many characters from NS4W are reflected in AW but are very different from their NS4W counterparts. The characters who appear the most in AW are the fallen gods and the various spirits of the land (meaning druids, forest guardians, elves, etc.). In the world of AW humans and gods live side by side, but few know it. The world is slowly healing, restoring, but there are places that will never heal. It will take cooperation between all of the races of both the mortal and immortal worlds in order for the world to truly heal, and be saved from the evils yet to show themselves…


My Characters

~Red Fox~'s Characters (will link later, and fix any misspellings)

  • Owin Fox
  • Cul Talon
  • Tel Veinne
  • Nosra
  • Kalvina

(possible more to come)

Will Tedo's Characters (will link later and fix mispellings)

  • Namfoodle
  • Burning Death

(ack, I'm sure there are more just can't remember them!)

Anaecia Fox's Characters (will link later)

  • Kira Riskario
  • Shawna Reuille
  • Shana Kirasake
  • Kimera Salash

(I'll add more when I remember them >.>)

Serena Angelus' Characters (will link later)

  • Schaffa
  • Pyrous Dracon

(Again, more to come when I remember them all)

Kite Sekase's Characters (sorry, but there will never be any available links to this author)

  • Kaze
  • Masaru Hideaki
  • Kailwyn Callahan
  • Snaedis
  • Alex Abrams

(will add the rest when i remember them >.>)

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