NOTE: I will be revamping this. I will be moving things around a little, changing some descriptions, and making links to full pages about each race rather than just leaving brief descriptions. As well I will be adding a section about Altheria's history!

Altheria is the world that many of my stories take place in. It is a world of many gods, of magic, of many mysterious races, and lands more beautiful and more deadly than anything you could imagine.

(Bellow, in each section, is a pronunciation guide for each land/race/god/etc. These guides are rough as I don't know how to make a real pronunciation guide, but they are how I would try to break up the names into the way they sound)


History of Altheira

The world of Altheria is a world born without the influence of Fate. (NOTE: In the multiverse Altheria is in Fate and Destiny are two different entities. "Fate" is a set pathway/timeline in which every event is planned and can not be deviated from. The beings that rule over Fate like order and like everything to fall into their timelines. Fate also believes that change is best created by destruction and suffering. "Destiny" Is a general pathway, with a set beginning and end, however the way there is loose with billions of possibilities/pathways that can be followed to reach the ending. Destiny tends to be seen as chaotic due to it's "open-ended" nature. Destiny believes that worlds can live, die and transform in fairly peaceful ways.)


Here I will write a short summary of each god. Their name, their attribute, their holy symbol and whatever else I feel is essential. Some gods have a color asociated with them, others don't. Some colors are shared between gods, and so they are defined by both their color and their holy symbol. there are, however, some gods that can be defined entirely by their color.

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Tsuria
Pronunciation: Soo-ree-ah
Gender: Female
Attribute: Moon
Holy Symbol: A silver crecent moon
Color: Silver and Black
Description: Long black, wavy hair with silver sparkles, like stars. Blue and silver eyes. pale skin. 6 black and silver wings. about 5'10". Is often depicted as wearing a dress of some sort (either back or blue) and a flowing coat/robe that is blue with a trim that is decorated by the phases of the moon.

Realm: Unlike most god realms Tsuria's realm is not small. It also cannot be entered by anyone except for those she specifically brings there, or by Myrntt. Tsuria's realm at first appears to be a wide open field, with a river, a lake, and a grand dreaming willow in the center, which is larger than any other dreaming willow including the one in the god's plane. The field is edged by a forest, and there it is always night. There are glowing flowers and plants everywhere. The lake has a crystal bottom and is perfectly clear, and sometimes there appear to be small fish in it. There are sometimes also glowing patterns in the crystal of the lake. The sky seems for the most part clear but off in the horizon it seems that there might be a large floating island. On that island there appears to be an ancient city, with waters that flow from rivers in that city, simply flowing from the sides and vanishing. The city is stone and crystal and very elegant, though abandoned. In the middle is a grand temple. There also appear to be gateways and mirrors everywhere in the city likely linking to places all around the world. This city is a memory of a place from before Night and Day created Altheria.

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Kirrda
Pronunciation: Kee-ear-dah
Gender: Female
Attribute: Death
Holy Symbol: A sliver bell
Color: Silver, White and Blue
Description: shoulder lenght blue, curly hair. Blue or grey eyes. about 5'5". usually wearing a white dress with a blue sash and is carrying a simple spear with a large silver bell tied to it.

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Vallai
Pronunciation: Va-l-eye
Gender: Female
Attribute: Fire
Holy Symbol: A flame
Color: Red and Gold

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Eisa
Pronunciation: eh-sah
Gender: Female
Attribute: Protection
Holy Symbol: Shield
Color:Blue and White

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Faera
Pronunciation: Faye-rah
Gender: Female
Attribute: Twilight
Holy Symbol: Butterfly
Color: Purple pink and white

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Sirin
Pronunciation: Seer-rihn
Gender: Male
Attribute: Life
Holy Symbol: A seed or dew drop
Color: White and Black

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Verdae
Pronunciation: Vur-daheye
Gender: Female
Attribute: Flora/Verdance
Holy Symbol: A petal or bud
Color: Green and Purple

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Myrntt
Pronunciation: Mee-rint
Gender: Male
Attribute: Light
Holy Symbol: A white dog wood blossom
Color: White and Grey

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Riile
Pronunciation: Rye-ehlle
Gender: Female
Attribute: Shadow
Holy Symbol: A bow (ribbon), black in the center, gradually growing white
Color: Black, Grey and White

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Ald’n
Pronunciation: Ahll-din
Gender: Male
Attribute: Nature
Holy Symbol: A leaf, a tree or a twig
Color: Green and Brown

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Ballai
Pronunciation: Bah-Laheye
Gender: Male
Attribute: Sun
Holy Symbol: A golden sun
Color: Gold, Yellow and Orange

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Sirrit
Pronunciation: Seer-rit
Gender: Male
Attribute: Thunder/Lightning
Holy Symbol: A gold/yellow lightning bolt
Color: Yellow and Grey

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Pronunciation: Kaheye-din
Gender: Male
Attribute: Wind
Holy Symbol: A whisp, preferably made of glass
Color: Grey and Blue

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Livarian
Pronunciation: Lih-vah-ree-ahn
Gender: Female
Attribute: Water
Holy Symbol: A rain drop
Color: Blue

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Anask
Pronunciation: Ah-nah-sk
Gender: Female
Attribute: Sea
Holy Symbol: A fish
Color: Dark Blue

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Drash’n
Pronunciation: Drah-shihn
Gender: Male
Attribute: Darkness
Holy Symbol: A black sun
Color: Black

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Zaffine
Pronunciation: Zah-feene
Gender: Male
Attribute: Mist
Holy Symbol: A cloud
Color: White, Blue and Grey

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Tres'n
Pronunciation: Treh-sin
Gender: Male
Attribute: Earth
Holy Symbol: Stone
Color: Brown, Grey, Green

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Nekora
Pronunciation: Neh-ko-rah
Gender: Female
Attribute: Cat
Holy Symbol:

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Aess
Pronunciation: Ace
Gender: Female
Attribute: Illusion
Holy Symbol: Opal
Color: Rainbow

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Khaosti
Pronunciation: kay-awe-stee
Gender: Female
Attribute: Chance
Holy Symbol: dice
Color: Red, black and gold

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Sheyvaria
Pronunciation: Shay-vah-ree-ah
Gender: Female
Attribute: Winter
Holy Symbol: Snowflake
Color: White grey and blue

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Jeney
Pronunciation: Jeh-nehy
Gender: Male
Attribute: Dog
Holy Symbol: Dog paw
Color: no specific

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Draevi
Pronunciation: Drah-aye-vee
Gender: Male
Attribute: Beasts
Holy Symbol: claw

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Lavirisi
Pronunciation: Lah-veer-eh-see
Gender: Female
Attribute: Dreams
Holy Symbol: A blue and purple spiral
Color: blue, purple, silver

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Or'v'n
Pronunciation: ohr-rihv-vin
Gender: Male
Attribute: Nightmares
Holy Symbol: an eye
Color: black, green, purple, red

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Welleste
Pronunciation: Well-ehst
Gender: Male
Attribute: Summer
Holy Symbol: A sun wrapped in flowers
Color: gold, orange, red, and blue

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Kalive
Pronunciation: Kah-lee-v
Gender: Male
Attribute: Spring
Holy Symbol: A budding flower with a dew drop on it
Color: all shades of green

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘

Name: Quile
Pronunciation: quill
Gender: Female
Attribute: Autumn
Holy Symbol: A red leaf
Color: red, brown, orange

‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘


There are 13 different countries in the world of Altheria. Some are large, some are small, some are friendly, some are vicious. Here I will give a short description of each country. I will address what races are present there, the terrain that appears in the country, the country's god (if they have one specific god that is most worshiped there), a description of the country's flag, the major/important cities/towns, and what sort of rule the country has. I will also list what sort of trade comes from each country, and will include links to which characters come from what country. NOTE: there are also many independent island nations. It is unlikely I will name all of them here, though I may name a few.


Lunaria is the land of the Tsurienmae. Most of Lunaria consits of an island created by Tsuria that is in the shape of a crecent moon.

Pronunciation: Loo-Nah-Ree-Ah


Pronunciation: Bee-Air


Kirls is a beautiful land to the north of Lunaria. Kirls is mostly made up of islands, however they do have some land on the central continent. The islands of Kirls are known for having terrible storms durring their rainy season, making it hard for anyone to live there durring that time. Kirls is where the Caladi and the Eidirelle are most often found, and most people believe is where these races originate from.

Pronunciation: Keer-else


Pronunciation: Mit-Rin


Carthiae is one of the more developed countries, and is concidered by many to be THE human country. Law in Carthiae states that no race that does not have human blood in them may live there freely. Law also states that half humans are only allowed to live in Carthiae if given special permission from the government. Slavery is not only legal there, but is very common. Anyone of a race that isn't human that enters Carthiae is to be captured and sold as a slave. HOWEVER anyone who has human blood cannot be a slave, however can be thrown in prison or kicked out of the country if they are there without permission from the government. Carthiae is also the country (other than Fols) that is most affected by the Angel of Despair's corruption.

Pronunciation: Car-Thigh


Pronunciation: Tree-seed


Fols was once a beautiful country and was home to the Fire fae. Fols, however, is now a wasteland, destroyed by the Angel of Despair's corruption back in the time when Faera was alive. It was the only place that Faera could not save from the corruption. Fols to this day remains twisted, the land in some places scorched and in others frozen. It was thrown into utter chaos and remains as such. Some of the most twisted, demented creatures on all of Altheria reside there.

Pronunciation: Fohls


Pronunciation: Mah-tree-ahd


Pronunciation: Day-See-Rah


Pronunciation: Bah-Care


Pronunciation: Vah-Sin


Pronunciation: Day-Say-Urn


Pronunciation: Doh-Voh-Lahn

Chigiri Shima

(NOTE: this place was created by my friend blacksheep as I couldn't come up with it on my own)

Chigiri Shima is the home of the cat folk. Their country is a small island which lies in the seas, somewhere between Kirls and Deserrn. Chigiri Shima tries to keep itself cut off from most of the world, due to the fact that it's residents are often hunted by slave traders so that they may be sold as pets. The island has a very strict, traditional culture in the more southern regions, however to the north lives the barbarian tribes. (Chigiri Shima is much like feudal Japan but with some major differences.)

Pronunciation: Chee-gear-ee She-mah


There are many, many races in Altheria. From the peaceful, but powerful, Tsurienmaie, to the vicious Kaost'n they all have a story, a reason behind their existance. Here I will describe each race. I will name if they have a specific god, what their typical appearance is, where they are usually found, what powers are typical to their race, and if they tend to be benevolent or hostile.


The Tsurienmaie are the people of Lunaria. The Tsurienmaie are very powerful, but peaceful beings that were created by the goddess Tsuria.

Pronunciation: Sue-Ree-Ehn-My


The Firis, Fire Fae are a rapidly dwindling race of people, blessed by the goddess of fire, Vallai. There are 4 different clans of Fire Fae.


The Aidrene are water fae, blessed by the goddess of water, Livarian.

Pronunciation: eye-du-rin


The Eidirelle are a race much like elves, though a little bit like Dryads as well. Eidirelle are bonded with the land they are born on, and cannot leave it for long.

Pronunciation: Ei-Dear-l


The Valed'n, Wind Fae are a people blessed by the god of wind, Kaid'n.


The Caladi are earth fae, blessed by the god of earth, Tres'n.

Pronunciation: Kah-La-Dee


Fae creatures, such as pixies, sprites, nymphs, etc.

Pronunciation: Min-tair-ah


The Trinn are a race of assorted elemental whisps. They help to keep the world alive and stable.

Pronunciation: Tr-in


The Kaost'n are a vicious people because they are half of one element, half of the opposing element. It is rare to find more than one living in an area. They are always insane, and most of the time hostile.

Pronunciation: Cow-stehn

Cat Folk

The cat folk are naturally very strong. Most of them come from the island nation of Chigiri Shima, and never leave. It is very rare to see a cat folk outside of Chigiri Shima, even rarer to see one that lives outside of Chigiri Shima, and even RARER to see one who was born outside of Chigiri Shima.


The first race. Also called the Fae of Crystal or the Fae of Sound.

Endey Draconia



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