This is Aelwyd, situated snugly in a comfortable neighborhood amongst the Seren. Aelwyd isn’t the only planet with life, there are plenty out there. Ours just happens to be the most interesting.


Author: Jenna Parrott
Appears In: Novels of Aelwyd


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The main continent on Aelwyd is Cyfandir. The nation of Inqui is approximately in the middle of the continent, and the eastern part of the continent is divided almost equally by Beldron Kingdom and the Dralcoran Empire.

To the northwest of Inqui are the Mytherian Counties. Each County is self-governing, but the capitol city of Mytheria can overrule the leaders of individual Counties if necessary, but only on a majority vote from the leaders of the other Counties. Because of this, Mytheria has managed to stay out of the war.

To the far north, above and around Crystal Lake, are the warlike Northern Tribes. No one is quite sure just what the Northerners are, as they have rather unique powers. So far, the Northerners have stayed out of the war with Inqui. Rumor says that they come out of the womb sword in hand. While that’s not true in a literal sense, all Northerners are exceptionally skilled at fighting with any number of weapons.

The southwest part of Cyfandir is largely uncharted. Not for lack of trying, though. It’s just that no human who goes ever returns. The peninsula is blocked off from the rest of the continent by the Ndaalan Mountains, the highest on the planet. The city of Freeport lies where the Phoenix Tail River meets the ocean. It is a free city run by its own internal government, it answers to no nation and guards that freedom jealously. Not that it needs to, as no nation in their right mind would claim such a pirate-ridden city as their own.

Far to the southwest of Cyfandir lies the island continent of Ynys. Ynys is divided almost equally into three nations; Aran in the north, Cardin in the east, and Torla in the southwest. Torla City, in Torla, is the largest city on Ynys. It’s a tourist city that is also home to the Torlan Priestesses. The Torlan Priestesses are trained from a young age. They are exceedingly well educated in religion, science, the history of Aelwyd, and are trained dancers. Those who do not wish to become a priestess usually wind up in Mytheria City, as scholars.

While Torla is known for its dancers and priestesses, Cardin is known for its mercenaries. A fair number of whom wind up in Freeport as pirates. Aran, however, is a quiet nation. Not many people visit, and not many people leave. But Aran’s quietude does not make it weak. Any assassin worth their mettle has trained in Aran.


It is said that Aelwyd was created by Ranir himself at the beginning of the New Era.


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Capital/Major Cities

Beldron City is the capital of Beldron Kingdom.

Dralcora City is the capital of the Dralcoran Empire.

Mytheria is it's own nation and capital.

Freeport is a free city not affiliated with any nation.

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Each race has its own language, but most people speak the Common Tongue.


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There is one God, Ranir, who created everything, and a plethora of lesser gods who are all immortal. Ranir created some of these gods and goddesses himself (Order, Chaos, Light, Dark, Dimension, Time, and the Void) but others were brought about by the beliefs of mortals. (If someone believes there is a god of something, then that god/goddess is born. The more people that believe in them, the stronger they are.) Many of my main characters will refer to something called the Old Era, which is essentially the previous Universe that Ranir destroyed due to Chaos getting out-of-hand.
Dimension, a close friend and confidant suggested that perhaps Chaos triumphed because he was created before Order. Ranir thought that over for a good while before deciding that something had to be done (at this point, Chaos was trying to overthrow Ranir…which is impossible and surprisingly annoying). He decided that he would destroy this Universe and start over. He talked over his plans with Dimension, Order, Light, and Dark, and they all agreed with him (he may be an all powerful God, but he still likes to talk out any decisions he makes).
Dimension, being the most powerful of the gods created by Ranir, was able to squirrel herself and the first two of the race she created (the Enaid) away in a pocket dimension while Ranir destroyed everything else. Once everything had been destroyed, he set about creating again. Dimension popped back in after Ranir reached out and told her all was set. While he was creating Light, Dark, and Order, a lone Mysteria of the Wolf clan showed up, her name was Sylverling and she had somehow survived the destruction of the Old Era, which had immediately granted her the status of a Goddess. Once Ranir created Order, he created Chaos. Order, Light, Dark, and Time all retained their memories because they had willingly been destroyed. Chaos, who was quite unwilling, knew nothing of the previous life he had lived.
Shortly after Chaos had been created a new being showed up. Her name is Lavode, and she is known as the Phoenix Goddess as she quite literally "rose out of the ashes of the Old Era." She is, in essence, the Old Era incarnate. She has all the knowledge and magic of the Old Era, but is a lovely, albeit mysterious, person.
Ranir and Sylverling had a daughter, Arian, who married Noson and had Zreti. Zreti married Kunzite (the child of the two Enaid from the Old Era…he has a twin who runs the Library of the Gods and won't tell me his name) and had three sets of twins with him (Ignis and Sadi, Casus and Kalvin, and Raven and Corvin).
Dimension had two sons with Golau, Blaidd and Cedril. Cedril wound up becoming the King of Beldron.
Golau is the Chosen Representative of Light, and Noson is the Chosen Representative of Dark. They have perfect control of their respective "elements" and are immortal, even if they're not quite gods. (It should be noted that before being Chosen, Golau was a Dralcoran and Noson was a Mysteria of the Wolf clan.)

The Mysteria mostly worship Sylverling and Arian (and occasionally Zreti) and are separated into clans according to the animal they can shift into. There are no real rulers, per say, but women generally have more sway then men.

The Enaid worship Dimension, who created them. They alone can use dimensional magics. Only men can have any sort of political position. They're a sexist bunch.

The Dralcorans are a complex bunch. Before their home world spontaneously combusted (they pissed Lavode off…long story), they worshiped no one but their Emperor or Empress. Now, on Aelwyd, they have taken to the Humans idea of religion and worship whatever god or goddess they choose. Although all of them revere Lavode, only the Empress and those closest to her have acknowledged that Ranir is the true God. The Dralcorans are not predisposed towards men or women, both are treated equally.

The Humans pray to whatever god or goddess suits them at the time. Fickle creatures, really. Men are generally the ones in power, but that is not always the case. Women are in charge in Torla.

The Northerners recognize that Ranir is the true God, but tend to worship the god and goddess of War anyway. They are governed by their Elders, who are usually women since the men tend to die young trying to prove that they can still fight.

The Elves…well, they're a quiet bunch. I have no idea what their religious beliefs are. But I do know that they're a very nature-oriented race. (My elves are tall, not short.)

The Dragons and the Draak both worship Ranir.


Magic is prevalent on Aelwyd, but the Dralcorans can be found to use various technologies. These technologies, however, are usually operated only by Dralcoran Magic.


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