Tziyon Berdol

"….Yeah…. But that doesn't really help me."


Author: Maracate
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Date of Birth: July 29
Place of Origin: Drefol
Currently Located: Drefol
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 153
Hair Color: Black with green highlights
Eye Color: Purple flecked with silver
Occupation: Hunter/farmer
Nickname(s): Tzi
Appears In: Dragon's Curse


When he was two, his father disappeared without a trace. Shortly after, his sister, Batzra, was born. Several years later, he broke his arm jumping off of a rock in the middle of town square, which lead to his friendship with Trace Ridlem, or Ghost as he is better known. a month ago, his mother fell sick to an unknown illness. She begged him to find out what he could about his father. He has taken up the quest, with Ghost as a traveling companion.


Tzi is well known for daydreaming. He also has a tendency to stay up late, which causes him to be grumpy and tired throughout the day. (Though it seems to get better if he sleeps outside.) he tends to be shunned by others because of his looks, and so does not have many friends. He absolutely hates the feeling of being trapped, be it physically or mentally, and will fight viciously if he thinks someone is trying to do so to him.

Skills and Abilities

  • Mad archer Skillz.
  • Fair woodsman
  • Bright Eyes: No one is sure what exactly Bright Eyes is. Sometimes Tzi can see things that others can't, like Magical Auras or Hummingbird wings. Sometimes he can hypnotize people. He has no idea how to control this power, though it seems to come out in times of extreme emotion.

Special Items

  • Yew Bow: A bow that was once his father's.

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