Trace Ridlem

"What? Did I startle you? I didn't mean to. Really."


Author: Maracate
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Date of Birth: March 24
Place of Origin: Drefol
Currently Located: Drefol
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 105 lbs
Hair Color: Pale brown
Eye Color: Pale grey
Occupation: Blacksmith's Apprentice
Nickname(s): Ghost
Appears In: Dragon's Curse


He is the second son of the Blacksmith in Drefol, third child in a line of 5. He became best friends with Tziyon after daring him to jump off the rock that resides in the center of town, mostly because he felt guilty for causing hi to break his arm. He has recently paired up with him in his (Tzi's) quest to find his father.


Ghost loves to startle people. He will often lurk behind someone, waiting for the perfect moment to jump out at them. Despite this, he tends to be rather quiet around people he doesn't know. He to be rather cold to all but a select few, but if you can win his favor, you'll find that he is a fiercely loyal and determined person. Though these people will also find themselves at the mercy of his sharp wit.

Skills and Abilities

  • Basic smithing techniques
  • He seems to go unnoticed by most people.
  • Very good aim.

Special Items

  • Stars: A set of star-shaped metal plates that he forged. He will throw them to hunt prey…. and to frighten people.

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