Terra/Earth is the main home world of Kikkia, Ace, Adam and a few of their very dear friends.

*Author: Kikkia Jade Lacie
*Appears In: Clash of the Heoes (I-V)

^^Main Locations of the White Light Dimension:

The Manor

Palm Brinks

Moon Flower Palace

Other places:
Blue, Red, and Green Light Dimensions

^^World History:

The world's history has only been recorded by the Fairies, Lunarians, and the ''Gods''.


Queen of Moon Flower Palace: Alexandra Highwind, Ghost of the castle grounds.


English/Human, Fairy, Lunarian, and Demon


Gold Coins/Gilda


Boats, Clocks, Lamps, White/Black Magic and Fairy Magic plus other stuff.


Duke: The King of Darkness and his whole Army.

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