The Last Breaths

Grace Marie Oakland is a pretty ordinary young woman living in a pretty ordinary town. Boy, is she in for a surprise when the carelessness of some local researchers results in the outbreak of necromorbi, a flu-like disease that ultimately results in the reanimation of its victim's corpse, and she is forced to flee.


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Author: D. L. Hathaway


This story began to take shape in 2010. I played a lot of xbox back then, and I read a few zombie themed stories, so I decided to try my hand at it.

Story Timeline

TLB begins in the early summer of the year 2030. Even before news of the necromorbi outbreak starts to spread, Grace starts noticing odd things happening among her neighbors. After a few tragic events and a few weeks of the infection slowly gaining momentum, she decides she has to get out of the state, at the very least, in order to preserve her life. Over the following few days, she loses more than one thing that is dear to her, acquires a small child, and makes her way to Niagara Falls, escape being the only thing on her mind.


The major settings of this story are realistic but fictional places in the states of Ohio and New York.


Grace Marie Oakland
Harley Quinn Hayes
Doctor Calvin Minard
Doctor George Bronson
Wesley Cade "Wes" Hartman

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