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Based off of the Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Phantasia games, the Student-Teacher Universe (S-TU) has grown from an AU of Tales of Symphonia into a series spanning from 4,000 years before the game to 100 years after Tales of Phantasia (which occurs 4,000 years after Symphonia).

Author: KitKatt0430


I started writing the Student-Teacher Universe shortly after my second play-through of Tales of Symphonia in January of '05. I'd never played a Tales game before, but I instantly fell in love with the game. The characters had deep backstories, the plot was well constructed, the dialogue was realistic and not cheesy, and the cut-scenes were gorgeous. One character in particular grew on me: Zelos Wilder.

Originally, the story began shortly before the game with Yuan inducting Zelos into Cruxis on Yggdrasill's orders. Zelos would then be trained to become an angel under Yuan's tutelage and eventually become trusted by the Seraph to the point where he brought Zelos into the Renegades. Then it would sync back into the game, mostly, until afterwards when Yuan would decide to continue the Renegades in an effort to help stabilize the politics and economy of the new world and place Zelos in charge of Triet Base.

I'm not really sure how the story managed to change so drastically. At some point in the drafting process I thought that it would be cute to introduce Zelos to Yuan while Zelos was still a child - Genis' age in the game, in fact. I wrote out their meeting in the story Enter the Student, which has changed very little from it's initial draft, and then decided to make that their official first meeting. Changing the first meeting of the student and his teacher allowed me to add more characters, flesh out neglected parts of characters' backstories, and extend the timeline over which my story covered.

By this point, I had plans for somewhere around a couple of hundred years before Symphonia stretching to about two years after the game. That was when I played Phantasia, the game for which Symphonia is the prequel. I became intrigued by Chester Burklight and wanted to know what made him tick. A story for him began to form in my mind, which wound up linking to my Student-Teacher Universe.

While my plans for the series changed a little after Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, the timeline of the Student-Teacher Universe is largely well defined in my head. Now I just have to write it all out.


Though the Student-Teacher Universe is the series covering Zelos Wilder's lifetime, it is actually part of a larger series I tend to think of as the Aselia-verse.

  • The Kharlan Chronicles

This is one of the only two parts of the series that I haven't completely worked out. The stories would basically follow Yuan during the Ancient Kharlan War.

- Meeting Destiny = Yuan reluctantly joins the Yggdrasill siblings - Martel and her younger brother, Mithos - and their friend, Kratos Aurion, in their quest to end the war and save the dying Kharlan Tree.

- Defying Destiny = In the wake of Martel's death, Mithos begins to slide into madness. Not realizing the truth behind Mithos' actions, Yuan and Kratos join him in forming Cruxis, the organization that will literally split the world in two and measure the worth of a single woman's life as being greater than an entire civilization…

There will be a series of shorter stories covering the next 2,500 years or so in which Yuan allows himself to go along with Mithos' plans out of willing blindness. But as his blinders are systematically stripped away, he finds himself less and less able to stand by and do nothing as Mithos destroys everything Martel worked so hard to save.

  • The Senior Staffer Stories

The Senior Staffer Stories begin around 1,500 years after the two Destiny stories and follow Yuan's silent defection from Cruxis and the creation of the Renegades. There's only one big story, followed by a number of shorter stories ranging from one to four chapters each. This part covers about 1,500 years worth of Renegade operations, follows numerous Renegades (many of whom lived and died long before Lloyd Irving finally defeated Yggdrasill), and demonstrates how the Renegades grew from being a tiny organization beneath Mithos' notice to being the greatest thorn in Cruxis' side.

- A New Fate = No longer able to hide from the truth that Mithos never intend to bring equality to half-elves, Yuan realizes that he must take that task upon himself if he ever wants to see Martel's dreams become reality. But to defy Mithos in one matter means defying him in all matters and aligning himself with those who would see Cruxis destroyed…

Following A New Fate are a number of short stories - including Heroes, Klutz Mechanic, and Security. There is some overlap between the Senior Staffer Stories and the Student-Teacher Universe, but once Zelos shows up the Senior Staffer stories basically come to an end.

  • Student-Teacher Universe

The Student-Teacher Universe follows Zelos and Yuan as Cruxis finally comes to an end, the worlds are reunited, and tensions between the two nations of the reunited world begin to rise. The series explores the question of which one - Zelos or Yuan - is really the student in the relationship. As a child, Zelos is the clear answer. Once he grows up, however, each one is the student in turns.

- Enter the Student = Standing in the rain at the Tower of Salvation while waiting for an Angel might not be the brightest idea Zelos has ever had, but at least he knew he wouldn't be struck by lightning…

- Trial By Fire = A fire in the city of Triet becomes connected to a fire three years earlier in Meltokio when thirteen-year-old Zelos involves himself to save the life of a little boy named Pietro…

- Perfect World and Seraph Silhouette = As Yuan grows to care for Zelos as his own son, he has his first glimpse into Zelos' future as an Angel.

- Syndicates and Other Illegal Activities = When Zelos finds his sister's Aunt about to be killed by 'curfew' enforcers in Sybak, he saves her and finds himself pulled into a fledgling syndicate poised to become the strongest force for saving half-elves from legal injustice but only if he can find it in himself to trust the sister of the woman who murdered his mother to do the right thing.

- Angel Training = Yggdrasill decides to bring in a threat of sorts to keep Kratos in line should the Seraph ever consider betraying him again: a potential replacement by the name of Zelos Wilder. Believing the Chosen to be the ideal candidate to join Cruxis, Mithos unknowingly invites a Renegade into his midst. Only this Renegade isn't content to just spy; Zelos has every intention of turning Yggdrasill's people against him.

- Loss = With Princess Heather's birthday just days away, Zelos is trying everything possible to surprise his fiance with the perfect day. But the Pope's latest anti-Half-Elven laws, the arrival of the Summoner from Mizuho, and the reappearance of Zelos' 'Aunt' all threaten Zelos' plans. However, there may be something even worse in play that Zelos isn't aware of yet…

- Spying for Spies = Unable to take the time to spy on the Pope himself, Zelos contacts the one person he can trust to act as his spy. Having grown bored with his research at the Sybak Academy, Marcus Evans is willing to take on the task of discovering the Pope's true loyalties and the depths of his crimes. However, both Zelos and Marcus' motivations are being called into question by the people who care for them most.

- Graduation = After running into Sylvarant's Chosen on the streets of Meltokio, Zelos is dragged into the position of playing triple agent for Cruxis and the Renegades all for the sake of stopping a rogue canon by the name of Lloyd Irving. The only thing is, Zelos isn't so sure Lloyd needs to be stopped.

- Fallen from Grace = Barely a year after the reunification of the two worlds, a series of murders across both Tethe'alla and Sylvarant have caught the attention of the Renegades. While at first the crimes seem random, Zelos soon realizes that all the victims were experts on Chosen who died centuries ago. Though Cruxis' new management denies involvement with the deaths, there is no denying that angels are responsible…

- The Fragile Dawn = In the two years since the Reunification of Aselia, the two nations of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla have come to a reluctant peace. But recent events – unpredictable weather and earthquakes – seem to have been the heralds of less natural tragedies. For all appearances, Palmacosta has been devastated by an attack by the Knights of Martel and the Vanguard has been stirring up unrest in Sylvarant's cities. Something terrible is happening to the world of Aselia and it all seems to be revolving around the long lost orbs known as Centurion Cores…

There are also going to be a number of short stories affiliated with this part of the Aselia-verse.

  • Chaos Theory

The name for this section is still in progress as are the sequence of events. This section, however, takes place between Symphonia and Phantasia and chronicles the events leading to the destruction of the Renegades and Yuan's death.

  • Renegades Reborn

The Renegades Reborn deals with the Heroes of Time: Chester Burklight, Cless Alvien, Mint Adnade, Arche Klaine, Klarth F. Lester, and Suzu Fujibayashi.

- Only a Hundred Years Away = After saving the future, Klarth returns to his time period, marries Milard Rune, and awes the academic world by proving his theories on Summoning. But if that were all that happened Klarth wouldn't be half as amazing as he really is.

- Renegade Hearts = After his parents died, Chester was determined to protect his sister from their family's legacy which seemed only to bring death. But when Amy is murdered anyway, Chester is dragged into a war that could destroy the world his ancestors worked so hard to create and protect.

- Renegade Wings = In the wake of Dhaos' defeat, the Heroes of Time each returned to their own time periods and to the lives they left behind. Within hours of their return, however, disaster strikes and Chester is taken by a group of bandits calling themselves Desians…

- Renegade Legacy = The Renegades finally feel that the end is near. The Desians have been forced to retreat and Chester, Arche, Cless, and Mint have been reunited with Suzu, whose command over the ninja's of Mizuho grants the Renegades further advantages. But the Desians aren't about to give up without a fight. Armed with a weapon that came close to destroying the Renegades in the past, the Desians are prepared to do whatever it takes to win the war.


Aselia (S-TU)

The main setting for the Student-Teacher Universe and its affiliated series is Aselia. Though Aselia is split into the worlds of Tethe'alla and Sylvarant for 4,000 years, they are each part of Aselia and eventually become one once more.


While there are numerous characters in this 'verse, the ones that stand out the most are listed below.

Arche Klaine
Chester Burklight
Cless Alvien
Colette Brunel
Heather Tethe'alla
Jeran Quin
Jonas Quin
Klarth F. Lester
Kratos Aurion
Lady Martel, Spirit of the Tree
Lloyd Irving
Martel Yggdrasill
Mint Adnade
Mithos Yggdrasill
Seles Wilder
Sheena Fujibayashi
Suzu Fujibayashi
Yuan Ka-Fai
Zelos Wilder


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