Serenis is the new pet project of Abyrae, featuring a story in a 100% original world with 100% original characters. It will eventually become a comic, although it hasn't been decided yet if it will be a webcomic or an actual comic in book form (or both!).


Author: Abyrae


On the verge of a war with the neighbouring Republic of Kalaeis, Björn Raganhar, the Duke of Alont, sends the Four Princes on a mission that many have failed in the past. They are to find out the wherebouts of T.D., an old friend of his and past Prince of the West, and deliver him a message. Morale within the army is at its lowest after an epidemic and countless skirmishes with the Kalaeisi, the current Princes are lacking experience, and the people are hoping for a hero; T.D. may just be the person who can tip the scales in their favour.

Instead of T.D., the Princes encounter Takara, an errant swordswoman who possesses a strong connection to the man they seek. Unable (or perhaps unwilling) to provide them with T.D.'s location, she accepts to follow them back to the capital in his stead and seek an audience with the Duke, to deliver a message on her own.

Little do the Four Princes realise then that Takara is not what she seems. As they uncover the truth about her origins, she herself must come to terms with her past. All the while, the shadow of war looms overhead, enemies both from within and without are plotting for the fall of Alont, and certain supernatural forces have more than one thing in mind for our heroes…



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The universe of Serenis itself doesn't have a name at the moment. The main story takes place in a world called the Terrestrial Plane, the world where the humans live. Also prominent in the stories is the Celestial Realm, the world inhabited by the Gods.

The Terrestrial Plane itself is divided into many continents, who house numerous nations. Some of the most important nations include the following:

The Duchy of Alont
A country with a constitutional monarchy government; executive power is exercised under a constitution by the Duke and the cabinet, which consists of several other ministers elected by the people. Once a Duke passes away, should he (or she) have no heir, the ministers would choose a new Duke among the noble houses. The House of Raganhar is the current dynasty of Alont.

Alont is roughly the size of modern-day Turkey. It is bordered to the northwest by the Salean Sea and to the south and east by the Menissian Sea. The western portion of the country is made of fertile grasslands and narrow coastal plains. Central Alont has a mountainous landscape, full of lakes, rivers, and plateaux, which culminates to the northeast into the Charime Mountain Range. The coast includes many small islands and gulfs. The Bereve Strait connects the Salean and Menissian Seas.

The climate is varied in Alont; the coastal areas have a temperate climate with hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. Snow in winter is rare on the coast of the Menissian sea, but more frequent on the northern Salean coast as well as in the grasslands, but generally lasts only a few days. The climate is much harsher in central Alont due to the mountains, with vastly contrasting season. The Central Alontian Plateau is particularly dry all year long. The climate is much cooler and winters tend to last longer in the Charime Mountains due to elevation.

Major cities in Alont include its capital Berevene, Keliste, Heresene, Talismone, Yunon, Orlanth, Derise, and Rysik. Being nearly surrounded by sea, Alont's main economy revolves around trading and fishing. The Charime Mountains are also rich in minerals, which gives Alont a solid mining industry. Being primarly a nation of merchants and seafarers, Alontian blood has becomed quite mixed with foreign blood; few Alontians outside of the noble houses can really call themselves pure-blooded anymore.

The Republic of Kalaeis

The State of Palarmo

The Quel Empire


Main characters:
Björn Raganhar
Frida Raganhar
Kenneth Flynn
Leander Sachaverell
Lowell Aston
Takara Ino Delamer

Secondary characters:
Adolf Aston
Arthur Raganhar
Heloise Faron
Himi Fujiwara
Ivanna Raganhar
Corbin Ormond
Linde Grunewald
Roxana Lebedeva
Tiana Faron
Wulfric Aston

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