Riches And Shadows

Riches and Shadows is Dejaii Flintheart 's story. While Dejaii does appear in Of Bloodshed and Mercy he is only a minor character there, and little information is actually given about his character. In Riches and Shadows however we learn the full story of how the man known as Dejaii Flintheart became the leader of Biiree's assassin's guild, and how he became connected to Raine Firefield and the events that take place at the end of Celestial Chronicles.


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Author: Raine E. Storms


I began actually writing Riches and Shadows after starting an RP with a good friend of mine, where I played the main character. Although I had always had him in my head, and had an idea of how he became the character he is both in Of Bloodshed and Mercy and in Celestial Chronicles I had never actually given any detail about him with in the stories. After RPing him for a while I realized that he was actually a very important character, in his own right, and that what he had done in the past had a major impact on the events in the other stories he's in. So I made the decision that I had to write out his full story. I have to say that this story was probably my favourite to start working on, and never gets boring to write. I've been working on it for about 5 months now, and have had the RP he's in going for at least 8.


I guess one could say that this is all a part of Celestial Chronicles. Actually most of my stories so far could be considered a part of the Celestial Chronicles arc, as they all take place over that same course of time in Altheria. They simply deal with different characters, and those character's tales. I'm thinking that all of my stories about Altheria will go under a series name, though I'm not sure what that will be yet.


This story is 25% humor, 50% action, and 25% alcohol. But then, of course, What would one expect from the story of a rogue? Other than that this story is fantasy. Anything dealing with Altheria is fantasy, and is heavy on the magic. Why? Simply because I love the genre, and fantasy stories, revolving around the world of Altheria, are almost all that come into my head of late.

Story Timeline

The timeline is as follows (I will be using the starting point of Of Bloodshed and Mercy as my referance to time. Of Bloodshed and Mercy starts 4 years before Val meets Dejaii):

9 years before: Riches and Shadows begins. Dejaii's younger sister Lillia is kidnapped while they're out visiting another town. Dejaii refuses to go home and so goes and joins the rogue's guild, where he knows he'll be able to find information about his sister's kidnappers more easily. Dejaii spends the next 3 years with the rogue's guild where is is trained how to fight. The guild mostly gives him suicide missions, and treats him poorly, however somehow he always comes back from every mission fine.

6 years before: A war breaks out between Biiree's rogue and assassin guilds. The two start fighting, dragging entire towns of people into the battle. Dejaii ends up fighting one of the assassins, Lacce, whom he is evenly matched with in terms of skill. The two become exhausted, neither able to take down the other, and realize that they have no idea why they're fighting. The two of them end up heading off to a nearby town to have a drink together at the tavern. Dejaii becomes good friends with Lacce as well as with many of the assassins.

2 years before: The leader of assassin's guild dies of an illness, and leaves no instructions of who to hand the guild over to. Because of this the members of the assassin's guild decide to ask Dejaii (who at this point is still a member of the rogue's guild) to become their leader, because they've all grown to respect him, and have heard stories of how good a fighter he is. Dejaii is taken to the guild and is given an artifact, Kirrda's dagger, which officially names him as the leader of the assassin's guild. Dejaii takes lead of the guild and completely reworks how everything runs. He changes the guild entirely, making it more about doing the hard jobs that the government won't do to help the people of Biiree. He relocates the guild hall to a small town called Lorshn, which was a town that was falling apart. The guild helps to bring trade back into the town and the town thrives.

0 years: A fire fae, known as Valentine Scarlet, joins Dejaii's guild. She's powerful but tempermental, and is searching for the people who murdered her clan.


Set in Altheria before the battle in the celestial plane, and long after Faera's death. It actually takes place durring the time when the Angel of Despair was first reborn back into the world and was regaining her power. The story ends not long before the final battle with despair.



Mostly the story revolves around Dejaii, however many other characters do make important appearances within the story.

Dejaii Flintheart

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