Light of the Moon and Shadows of the Soul

Author: Rosethornzero


I started this story about two years ago when I began research for my Final Fantasy IV novel, Gaelach Brethie. Of course, this title is the title of the overarching series, which is getting far too long for its owm good.

The idea for the series originally came from my desire to bring my vision of the Blue Planet to the people on It's evolved beyond the limits of what I originally had intended, and I blame, in part, the Sygnus network, which is also based loosely off Final Fantasy IV, and has been an endelss source of inspiration for me.

Though not as old as some of my other ideas, I really do feel strongly that this is one of the best things I've ever written, perhaps because it is so recent, and because I researched Final Fantasy IV for a whole year before I even began to write it.


I decided to list this as just one "story" because it really is too long for me to list a seperate story for each "book" in the series. It's divided into several parts, and in naming the stories, I had a different key word for every character. For example, Gaelach is KluYa, Solas is Cecil, and Scath is Theodore. The words are Irish for 'moon', 'light' and 'shadow.'

Currently, it follows three major arcs. The "Soul" arc, which follows TaeOhYa, Cecil's Great-Grandfather, as he forms a pact with The Creator, who takes the form of a woman calling herself 'Entity.' The "Moon" arc has three stories, currently (Minus Gaelach Breithe, which is a bit of a misnomer, as I had named it before I came up with my system). Gaelach Baile follows Klu's awakening as a Seer and the destruction of BeyLar, Gaelach Ros is about Klu's and Ceci's romance, and Gaelach Tine is about Klu's counter ZemUs measures and his death. The last arc, the "Shadow and Light" arc, contains Gealch Breithe (Final Fantasy IV), Solas Ceasadh, which outlines Cecil's journey to become a Dark Knight, Scath Breasadh, which outlines Theodore as he struggles to not become Golbez, and Solas Scath, the "final story" in the series.

Currently, the first arc is really in its developmental stages, so none of the figments for that are listed on my profile, nor do I expect them to be for quite some time.


This story is fantasy, because Final Fantasy IV is (duh) fantasy, and that's what nearly all of my storys are. It's not difficult to write in a genre I've been writing in for years.

Story Timeline

(Moon Arc):
Gaelach Baile
Gaelach Ros
Gaelach Tine

(Shadow and Light Arc):
Scath Breasadh
Solas Ceasdh
Gaelach Brethie
Solas Scath


This story takes place on two different worlds; BeyLar, the world of the Lunarians, and The Blue Planet, namely Earth many thousands of years ago. You can read more about BeyLar by going to my profile (I'm too nervous to make a link!), as well as discover more about the BP (at some point).


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