Light Is Eternity




Author: Silver Goddess

The White Cloud Series:

Light is Eternity (Parts 1 thru 3), White Cloud (Parts 1 thru 4), The Great Dissidia Wars (currently has Chs. 1 thru 10 finished, well kinda of)

Description of Section 1:

In the beginning, before Higurashi Kingdom's demise, unnecessary wars ravaged the lands of Centra: West Terra and Vansheer: East Terra. Four young souls will soon be interwined by fate and star crossed love will soon span throughout the long ages as the everlasting battle between Light and Darkness will carry on for many eons to come.

Description for Sections 2-3:

Within a shattered realm where Light and Darkness are locked in an endless dance for dominance, one group of unexpected people and five gods will be trying to save their "home worlds" from the crazy Dark Witch "Lilium" and the all powerful yet evil Black God: JoCeno, from the Dark realms of Alsatia, the Green Light Dimension, where the ancient Alsatiaiin Gods reside, but yet do not give aid all expect for One: Ace Cross.

□□ The Story's Timeline:

Light is Eternity {Fanfiction}:

Tales from StarFire: The Teal Light Dimension:
Part 1: The End of Green Terra's Three Great Kingdoms
Section 1: The Two Princes and One Strange Girl — only like 6 settlements or so exist
Section 2: The Princess and The Unknown Blue Eyed Man — 15,000 years later, now like 12 settlements or so exist
Section 3: Of Vamipres and Gods — 3 years after Stellalena mets Jacklet

Part 2: Destiny's Dark Down Fall — 34,000 years after the tragedy
Prologue: Escape into Asylum: The Red Light Dimension

Part 3: His Vampiric Protector — 48,000,000 after Destiny is "destroyed"
Section 1: Reunited in Another World, Another Life
Section 2: A Family's Betrayal
Section 3: Corruption of the Vampire Slayers
Section 4: The End of Seleneity Ruby Oatsworth

Epilogue: The White Light Dimension: Terra □□

The Setting:

Green Terra

The Characters:

Light is Eternity Cast:

☆☆ Solera Moonlight = Kalea Pearl Jade ☆☆

Prince Seda Higurashi
Prince TilLoia
Lord Jacklet Woodsborn
Princess Stellalena NiiSae
King JimmLoia
Queen Josephine Higurashi
Queen Lucia NiiSae/Mistress Lily Oatsworth
♧♧ Queen HelenaLoia/Renee Pendragon ♧♧
Seleneity Ruby "Selene" Oatsworth
Chief Mike DuWell Oatsworth

Ace Cross

Theodore Jack Darklore: Is the Vampire Prince and the silver ranked captain of the Galactic Police Force, but although he's said to be an ass by those who know him well, but when he first meets Cain Oatsworth, he begins to question why he suddenly feels multiple emotions, when he shouldn't be able to at all or so he's long thought for all his life.

Cain Adam Oatsworth: Is a top gold ranked vampire slayer, werewolf halfling, who has been taught his whole life that all vampires and demons are pure evil, but when he falls deeply for a vampire who defies all sense and logic he begins to question everything he has ever learned since childhood.

Duke Ken Hansen
Lady Reina TealLeea
Lord Trinity Cross
Lordess Miia Cross

Psycho Keia Blaze
Dica Fae Dellaciio
The Generals
Lilith (Lilium) Ceno

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