Author: Silver Goddess

Story Description:
Six best friends, their families, and so many others, are known as the Kammiian race and together with an ancient Legendary Being of Old must find a way to save their beloved, but yet dying home "world" from a hidden Darkness that lurks from deep within their own society.

Kammiea Cast

Arc 1 ☆☆:

TaeLoiPen (Aga): Klu's drunkard, sword using, cat loving, grandfather, best friend of Jack, originally from Alsatia's White God Realms, but no one but Jack and Sam (possibly Alice) know this.

King Jack Higurashi: ZeMus's father, Ze hates him, Jack is a musician and has powers over Darkness and Ice, loves the snowy/cold weather times.

Queen JanisRaa Higurashi: Jack's wife, Ze loves his mother very much, a good friend of Sam's.

AliceLiiPen: Lord Tae's wife, priestess of Entity, is able to see the future, but differently from from KluYa himself.

SamuelYoiKa (Sam Yune): Jack's best friend, lover and owner of Tae's favorite bar/grill/inn, he wonders if Janis knows about him and Jack sometimes, but is too scared to ask to her about it.

The Entity of Old Times: The Old Goddess of Tae's parents's long forgotten destroyed home world, still looking after him even though she's become weak over the many many long years since.

Lordess LacRiShea: An unknown strange woman with an odd skin tone, who's after Tae and Jack for reasons unknown only to herself or so she thinks.

KohSaiXeeTa: An odd man with strange powers connected to Shadow Magics, who is after LacRiShea, but only he knows why and who and what she really is/comes from/what powers she actually holds.

Kalea Pearl Jade

Arc 2 ◇◇:

Lady Rose RedSheer: Tu's wife, KluYa's mother, narrator of Light is Eternity and White Cloud Legacy later on, a powerful Kammiian "witch" (Oracle/Recorder) of Cydonia.

Sir TuYaPen RedSheer: KluYa's (and Fu's) father, doesn't get along with Tae all to well or his older brother Noi, but can tolerate Jack, surprisingly.

FuSoYa RedSheer: Rose's and Tu's oldest son, wise for his age, father of Xiao.

KluYa RedSheer: Fu's younger brother, father of Cecil and Golbez, cousin to Anthony and Trinity Cross, former husband of Goddess Cecilia, gold ranked engineer (after graduating from the Academy) and Seer.

NoiDarLoia: Ted's father, famous writer and artist, friends with Jack and Sam, loves his father very much.

JaeZellLoia: Noi's wife, great cook, worries for Ted because of his habits.

Ted Loia (TilPen): Klu's cousin, who takes after their grandfather, by that he drinks as much as him, maybe more so, wants to become the best engineer in all of Kammiea.

Prince ZeMus Higurashi: Klu's, Ted's, and Marry's best friend, dreams of being a pilot since childhood, (eventually) Peache's boyfriend/husband.

Marry Shy: friend of Ted and KluYa, has a big crush on Klu.

PeacheClie: ZeMus's girlfriend/wife, mother of their son, Dill (Still working on him, and Matt too), and worries about Ze's relationship with his father: Jack.

SuNoKiii: A dear friend of PeacheClie's from her neighborhood.

Kammey LaNiii: Ted's love interest/classmate/friend.

Leon Hale (LiiChuPen): Son of FuSoYa, older brother of Xiao (Yup, Xiao of Dark Cloud 1, in this she's a ~cute~ kid) and later on (White Cloud Legacy) he's an engineer, but not as good as Ted and KluYa, it seems.

Xiao KiShia: Leon's younger sister, one of Kalea's Immortal Guardians later on in time (during White Cloud Legacy).

Amie KiShia: Fu's beautiful Neko wife, and Warrior of a distant cat people filled world from Fantasy: The Yellow Light Dimension.

FickleLaNoo: ZeMus's rival during Pilot classes, hates SamuelYoiKa for some reason.

Professor LaaTeaSo: The teacher of the Engineering classes and caretaker of the Academy's gardens, wife of the Principal.

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