History of Draezoln

Note: The following is a transcript of a treatise written by Garkhen attempting to reconcile the different viewpoints on Draezoln about its creation and history. Given that Garkhen has not yet written this at the time the story currently covers, finishing this is going to wait.

A Brief History of Draezoln, From the Creation to the Beginning of the Age of Man, Insofar as I Have Been Able to Ascertain It.

By Garchen'ze'Darchen'Sem'dor

In the beginning were the Ten, and the Ten were in the Void, and the Ten made war. Their warfare was terrible and great, and it filled the Void until it seemed existence itself would be unmade. One among the Ten saw this and called truce. One by one, the others saw the truth, that if they continued, all things,space, time, even themselves, would be not. And so they agreed that another way must be found to resolve their conflict.
Already the Ten had divided into two fives. The greatest among one five was the one who had first called truce, now known to us as Naishia. Nearly as great was Bahamut, already well versed in the use of the primal elements their warfare had spread forth across their Void. Also part of this five were those we now call Sephania, Kazoran, and Mashano, patrons of the Races of Men.
The greatest of the other five was the one now known as Jivenesh, the Mad God. Even then, he was known as powerful and quick to anger, but he was not yet insane. With him were Tiamat, already directly opposed to and matched by Bahamut, as well as Kenash, Kerichang, and Arphaxad.

Author: Almonihah



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