Ghost and its two planned sequels tell the story of Samantha d'Avalon, a young noble from the city of Aster. The titular character, Ghost, is Samantha's friend and bodyguard, a "contractor" and professional hitman. In the first book, they attempt to unravel the secrets behind Aster's underworld and discover the hand behind the repeated attempts on Samantha's life. Shenanigans Ensue, A Grand Time Is Had By All.

Keep in mind that most of this will be about the first book. Spoilers, y'know.

Author: Weomur


This story has been a work in process for over three years now, but only now have I begun to actually write the story. In retrospect, I probably should have started it much earlier, since at this point I've planned out two sequels, and possibly more, but that's all past. Now the slaughter writing begins!


I'm not particularly creative. At the moment, it's just called the Ghost series, but eventually it may have a different name. There are currently three planned books. Keep in mind that their titles are not final; they'll probably change to something more interesting and symbolic later on.

Book 1: Ghost (currently in the works)
Book 2: The Ghost and the Firebird
Book 3: The White Crystal

There is room for further sequels and even prequels to exist, as well.


The Ghost series is high fantasy/youth fiction, with some other elements thrown in. Mostly, though, it's something I guess could be called "softcore high fantasy": it does not take place in a traditional Tolkien world, but rather in an original world created by myself with its own geography, peoples, and magical rules.

Story Timeline

Oh, now that's a loaded question, isn't it?
Well, you don't get any timeline. You know why?


Yes. Yes, that's why, magical BBC archaeologist. Spoilers.


The Ghost series takes place in the world of Myth, which is, as previously mentioned, an original fantasy world with its own rules, culture, peoples, etc. Oh, god, I could go on forever with world-building. If you're interested in the secret workings of Myth's dimensional cogs, check out the link below.

(It might also be worth mentioning that the first book takes place in the city of Aster, a city on what is traditionally considered the easternmost continent of Myth.)



The Ghost The titular character of the series. Assassin, bodyguard, and anything else that pays well; also an all-around cool guy. Skilled in illusions and the fine art of stabbing things to death, Ghost serves as Samantha's bodyguard for the first book. After that… well, you'll just have to see. ;)

Samantha The main protagonist of the series. Properly Samantha Everett d'Avalon, Samantha is the third and youngest daughter of one of the most influential lords of Aster, Lord Ballaster, and heir to her mother's estate.

Lord Ballaster: An influential lord in the city-state of Aster; also Samantha's father. An imposing, ruthless man with great ambitions, he tolerates no nonsense, especially within his family.

Duke Warden: A personal friend and client of Ghost. He is among Lord Ballaster's rivals in the Council of Nobles.

The Seneschal: A mysterious figure who seems to be behind both Samantha's assassination attempts and numerous strange goings-on in the Outer City. Is he acting on his own, or is he only serving a greater power? (I'm not answering that. Spoilers.)

Tall Jon and Gareth "Stitches" Medin: More personal friends of Ghost, and mercenaries themselves. They're important, I swear, but wait- what is that sweet sound I hear- could it possibly be- SPOILERS? Yes, spoilers. So sorry.

Of course, there are a lot more, but these are a few of the biggies.

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