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You might be wondering where you are after experiencing a near death event and seeing a bright flash that slightly blinded you in some way and teleported you somewhere that looks whiter than an Apple Store.

Well, if you are indeed wondering. The answer is: You are dead.

Or soon to be.

The reason for this I’ll explain it later.

Don’t worry, you’re not in hell but you are also not in heaven. Is this purgatory? Eh, probably, if that’s how you look at it. You’re just in a empty space in the middle of reality itself.

You might be wondering who I am, or if you are a smart person: Who we are. Well, let us introduce ourselves as the esteem Board of the Suicide Mercenary Corp.

Suicide Mercenary Corp? What’s that? You might be asking.

Think of the corps as a Suicide Squad organization. You’ll be tasked to carry out dangerous operations, these operations consist of containing, maintaining, and killing any potent threats that come by. You might be tasked to kill a vampire that doesn’t burn in the sun, or tasked to contain a rampaging demigod. Sounds scary? It is. This job is where you risk your life and soul. This job is not for anyone.

So why did we choose you?

We think that you are up these types of tasks.

You were once a powerful individual that committed war crimes that made Hitler’s crimes look like stealing a lollipop from a baby. You became uncontested and undefeated for many years. However, in some way, one person found a way to kill you, and in that moment you were blown to bits. Would you like to return to that world again? Where you die and never see the afterlife? Or join us, and make your living more meaningful.

Because life is precious. We only have one afterall.

What do you say?


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