Clash Of The Heoes I V

Follow the short girl known as Kikkia Jade Lacie and her best friends as they try to deal with their very powerful enemy The King of Darkness and his two hateful right hand men Duke Hansen also called Dark Killer and Pyscho Keia.

Author: Kikkia Jade Lacie


Ten years ago when I was in the 4th grade it all had started because of Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy and Inuyasha.


Clash of the Heroes is divided into five parts which are:
Parts 1 thru 2- Is The Tales of Destiny and Kammiea: Homeworld of the Lunarian race, which talks about Destiny and Kammiea
and their long histories, these are both fanfictions.
Parts 3 thru 4- Is where the ''Reader'' first begins with the story, which is a hand drawn comic done by me.
Part 5- Is also a fanfiction that takes place sometime in the future world of Terra.



@Story Timeline:

Unknown, and trying to figure it all out still


~The Blue Planet/Terra


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