Aquaryl story informations:

Author: Silver Goddess

The Story description:

Anba Dram’sunka, one of the  Aquarylos race in the lower class of their advanced society. He works long nights at a nine coral restaurant known as the Moonibells Resort owned by Raindelle Floriblume, who is known to be a former, once popular singer. While working one night, he meets Jackaluce Winters, Ricko Iparemae and Yiolett Sollujaa, of the higher class. While he does makes fast friends with the three of them easily, he seems more drawn to Jackaluce with much greater interests. What will be born from these new found connections made?

The World's Informations:

Planet: Aquaryl

(Mostly) My Figments (OCs) list:

Anba Dram’sunka

Jackaluce "Jack" Winters

Raindelle Floriblume

Ricko Iparemae

Yiolett Sollujaa

Pets of the Aquaryl cast:

Vesber: Anba's pet (blank).

Phoy: Raindelle's pet (blank).

The Different Species/Races:

The Aquarylos Race

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