The Tsurienmae are the race of peoples created by the goddess Tsuria. The Tsurienmae are the guardians of the land as well as peacekeepers of the world. They are one of Altheria's long lived races, the only ones known to live longer than them being the Althe, the Endey Draconia and the dragons.


Author: Raine E. Storms
Place of Origin: Lunaria
Currently Located: Lunaria
Average Height: 5'8"~6'6"
Average Weight: 100~150 lbs
Average Life Span: 3000 years if die from old age (Though some age very quickly and die by age 1000, due to mixed bloodlines)
Hair/Fur Color Variations: White, silver, black, blue-silver
Eye Color Variations: Blue, red, purple, grey
Other Defining Features: slightly pointed ears, bird-like wings (Their wings are a reflection of their power. They have the ability to return the magic that makes up their wings to their body, causing their wings to disappear, and reappear on as tattoo like marks in the shape of their wings on their backs)
Intelligence: very intelligent
Magic/Technology: high magic and good with technology (leaning more towards magitech than actual tech however)
Other Names:
Appears In: Celestial Chronicles, almost any story taking place in Altheria

General Description

Tsurienmae tend to be tall and slim, and frighteningly graceful. They tend to look ethereal or at times angelic. Their eyes are thin and hold the weight of age and wisdom and power, even when they are young. They can seem regal due to their appearance and the way they hold themselves. Their faces are thin yet soft, and their frames rather thin and willowy. They have very slightly pointed ears which become more pointed with ears, however never become pointed enough to be really noticeable from a distance. To some they seem fragile, however they are far from it. Their eyes tend to be either red, blue, purple or grey, and their hair tends to be either white, black, silver or a slightly blue tinged silver. Some combinations of hair and eye color are very common, and some are nearly unheard of.


White hair, red eyes
White hair, purple eyes
White hair, grey eyes
Silver hair, red eyes
Silver hair, blue eyes
Silver-blue hair, grey eyes
Silver-blue hair, red eyes
Black hair, purple eyes
Black hair, grey eyes
Black hair, blue eyes


White hair, blue eyes
Silver hair, grey eyes
Silver-blue hair, blue eyes
Silver-blue hair, purple eyes


Silver hair, purple eyes
Black hair, red eyes

Very rarely other colors appear however usually this is due to mixed bloodlines.

Tsurienmae also have wings which are a reflection of their power. The deeper the well of power a Tsurienmae has, the more grand or unique their wings. Some who have deeper wells of power get touches of metallic colors in their wings. Some with deeper wells have extra sets of wings, though this is uncommon. It is more common to see a Tsurienmae with two sets of wings, than it is to see one with three. The only known Tsurienmae to have had three sets of wings, aside from Tsuria herself, were Rainel Celestialia and Aurora Celestialia who were related to Tsuria. Other than these exceptions Tsurienmae have one set of feathered wings, which appear in basic colors. Grey, brown and black are common colors to see. Usually the wings of a Tsurienmae are just large enough for them to fly or at least glide short distances. Sometimes their wings are larger and stronger and more capable of flight, and very rarely they are too small for flight. Tsuria herself has three sets of pure silver wings, which are rather large and capable of flight with ease. Rainel Celestialia has three sets of black wings with silver edged feathers, which are large enough to be capable of prolonged flight, though are not as large or powerful as Tsuria's. Aurora Celestialia has three sets of wings which fade from purple to pink to blue to white, with bits of silver in a few places, however her wings are too small for flight. Tsurienmae wings are never pure white unless the Tsurienmae in question is affected by Despair's corruption.

They are gifted with grace, agility, and strength, as well as magical prowess. They also tend to value the ability to be level headed. The women are expected to be able to realize what emotions they are feeling and push those feelings aside, in favor of logic, as losing control of their emotions can mean losing control of their magic. The Tsurienmae also value knowledge and many enjoy reading and learning. Some like to learn many different languages, some like to learn all about different cultures. Some enjoy learning about and experimenting with magic as well as science, though magic is valued over science.

Like many races of Altheria the Tsurienmae are considered magical beings. Without the magic that courses through their veins the Tsurienmae would die. When injured the Tsurienmae bleed red like a human, however there are swirls and streams of silver throughout it, which is raw magic, raw mana.


Created by the goddess Tsuria the Tsurienmae have inhabited the land of Lunaria since the day of their creation. They have always been powerful yet curious creatures, and were created as the guardians and protectors of the land as well as the other races.


The Tsurienmae tend to be quiet and peaceful. They love the beauty of the world around them and fight to keep that world safe and beautiful. They readily accept their roles as the caretakers of the land they were given. The Tsurienmae are also very curious, loving to learn, and so they try to get to know as many peoples as possible so that they might learn what others know. They also love to travel, however it's rare for them to live outside of their homeland for more than a few years.

The Tsurienmae are lead by the females of their race. Female Tsurienmae tend to be more powerful, having deep wells of magic to draw from, which is why they are the leaders. The downside is that their power can be ruled and swayed by their emotions, making it dangerous for them to become angry or depressed. Because of this Tsurienmae females are expected to be able to push their emotions aside and think logically, no matter the situation. This of course causes their emotions to gradually become off balance. Because of this Tsurienmae males are the balancing factor. Their magic isn't as powerfully swayed by their emotions, and so it's not nearly so vital that they restrain their emotions. Because of this the males tend to be very emotional, but are also the balancing factor for the females.

A part of the males of the Tsurienmae being the balancing factor for the females is not a simple emotional connection, it is also a deep spiritual connection. While it happens a little with close friends and with family, the strongest connections happen between lovers. This connection is powerful enough that sometimes a simple mention of the other's name will bring them back to rationality, no matter the state they are in. It's a call straight to the spirit, which is very hard to deny.

Skills and Abilities

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  • Sacrifice: The ability to give up their own life in order to bring back someone who has died recently. This does not always work depending on the flow of fate, destiny and existance, however if it fails the caster doesn't lose their life. If the resurrected is killed again within five minutes of being resurrected the caster doesn't lose their life.

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