The Wyre

As opposed to were-creatures, people corrupted by Jivenesh into bloodthirsty, monstrous combinations of man and animal, the Wyre are blessed by Naishia with the ability to change form into an animal, and sometimes into a hybrid human/animal form. The Wyre are a diverse group, as there are known Wyre from all of the Races of Men, and even a few orcish Wyre.

Author: Almonihah
Place of Origin: Draezoln
Appears In: Chronicles of Draezoln


Not much is known of the history or origins of the Wyre. They are invariably dedicated to Naishia and the preservation of nature, but little seems to unite them beyond this and their shapeshifting abilities. It is not even known what the result of a Wyre mating would be, as there are no records of it occurring, and the few legends which speak of it contradict one another.

The Wyre are natural enemies of were-creatures, and try to slay them whenever they hear of them.

Skills and Abilities

The defining ability of the Wyre is to transform into the form of an animal (Though some whisper that Wyre are actually animals who have been blessed with the ability to take humanoid form). When so changed, they are indistinguishable from a member of the species they have transformed into, other than their humanlike intelligence. All Wyre have only one type of animal they can change into. Most also can transform into a hybrid form that combines elements of their animal and humanoid forms. Contrary to some stories, a Wyre can change form at will.


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