The Vekdrae’Natt

Art by me:


Author: Silver Goddess

The Story: LuNar's BaLes

Vekdrae’Natt:  Lives deep within the vast forest of StelleSolås, roughly about 22 miles away from the abandoned kingdom of Tolkcushio. Their crafted homes are kept to the upper mid tree tops, the village has no more than like about 14 living in it at one given time. This race has around three tribal clans, one that dwells in the mentioned above, large forested area, one that lives far high up on the distant mountain tops and lastly one that lives deeply within the ocean's darker cooler depths. By appearances they are naturally very vibrantly, brightly, colorfully toned in hues and lives a basic nomadic hunter's like of lifestyle. Has simple low basic levels of magics for mundane things.

Vekdrae’Natt's Technologies/Magics:   

Magics for the Vekdrae’Natt is much more simple and real basic in comparison only allowing them to do small weak level spells for things like creating fires or lighting torches or watering stalks of herbal plants or even light healings, but overall more simple in comparison to what the LunȧRiia themselves can do in general senses.  

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