The LunȧRiia

Author: Silver Goddess

The Story: LuNar's BaLes

LunȧRiia:  The most advanced, intelligent race on the whole planet by far, yet not originally from it at first. Was once originally moons' bound before recent history. Is very well known for having greatly powerful magics and advanced crystal technologies, most live within the capital of ƳüTiJȧa, their main hub of daily, everyday life styles.  

LunȧRiianns' Technologies/Magics:   

The technologies of the LunȧRiia population are very advanced high magics, sciences and crystal based combined together in nearly all their technologies used by them daily. 

The magic itself they cast forth comes from within the LunȧRiias' own bodies. Within them is a cocoon shaped crystalline core piece, a part of their skeletons' center chest area plates, that gives them their magic source. Most of their magic is used for things like cooking, reading and such but some have access to actual elemental based type magics that allows for much greater abilities and powers. But if tapped into to deeply it could cause magical corruptions to the users, and only certain Ꮆifted peoples can be born with elemental magics.  

Heights and Weights:   

The about Average Heights: Male: 4'2'' - 5'4'' 

Female: 2'4'' - 3'7''

The about Average Weights: Male: 136 - 164 lbs. 

Female: 90 - 130 lbs. 

Tracks of general Ageings/Passage of times:  

Swytchie or Swytchiees for plural form, is the term solely used by the LunȧRiia for how they keep track of their years when ageing ups or time passing in generals.

Hair Color Variations:    

Purest True White Hair is the only one single color type they'll ever have with various dye colored options they can use for things like streaks and such, except for these three exact colors here: blacks, browns, and blond(e)s, so any other colors aside those can work for dyes here beyond all that, yup.  

Eye Color Variations:   

Their main eye color is most commonly seen in many Blues opalescent-like shaded tones largely overall for many of them. Greens and other colors, like Teals, are a bit less common by comparison to that. The only five colors here that they can't have naturally are: purples, oranges, reds, yellows•••, or also and pure silvers, the first three listed are only seen on those who show signs of a very deep magical corruptions, and Soft Pink is for a single special rare born person who can see the corruptions in the few who it starts happening too and it pops up randomly. There's a further additional color for a certain select few as well that is gonna be story related too (a shiny rustic-like tan to be exact) with a reason to it, but beyond that no one born amongst them can ever truly really have these other colors naturally at all for the race as a collective whole. Unless they are somehow a half-born which is also very rare as well.  

•••SterrNuis in this case is an extremely rare expectation because of some story reasons relating to his family's more recent heritage and magical born arts that is actually very interesting to have magics wise with him.

Other Defining Features:   

The skin tone is fair-like most commonly for the younger generation majority, largely due to the irregular weather patterns and climates, making darker tones rare by comparisons, but are still indeed possible to have, along with some having more lightly green tinted like for the much older generations. Lips, finger tips and toes are a brighter green-ish tinted in tone. Ears are long, rounded, solid, yet hollow, and crystalline made naturally, ranging in many various opalescent-like colored hues.

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