A race of Shape-shifters. Each Clan can shift into a different animal, though most are predators.

Author: Jenna Parrott
Place of Origin: Mystrai
Currently Located: Mystrai and a few on other planets
Average Height: 5' 5" in Human form
Average Weight: Varies with Clan and form
Hair/Fur Color Variations: Unlimited, though usually solid colors
Eye Color Variations: Also unlimited.
Other Defining Features: Ears are slightly different than Human ears.
Intelligence: Sentient.
Magic/Technology: They have the ability to shift into the animal of their Clan.
Appears In: All of my stories sans the ones on Earth and Dermia.


The history of this race is largely unknown due to the fact that they limit interaction with other races, though legends and theories do exist.
One legend in particular states that the Mysteria are a race from the Old Era, and that the god Ranir's wife Sylverling (Sylver) is a Mysteria-turned goddess. The legend goes on to say that Sylver re-created the Mysteria race. This legend is boosted by the fact that Ranir and Sylver's only surviving child is the goddess Arian, who claims to be a Mysteria herself.


Each Clan has the personality of the animal they are associated with.

Skills and Abilities

Each Clan has their own unique spells and rituals, but every Mysteria has the ability to shift into the animal of their Clan.

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