In the world of Altheria there are many fae races, and so many are simply called the Mynterra. The races most commonly called Mynterra include Pixies, Sprites, Sylph, Nymphs, Dryads, as well as many others. These races tend to live quietly, not interacting much with the other races, however some, such as the pixies, are far more open than others.


Author: Raine E. Storms
Appears In: All stories in Altheria

Basic Information

Pixies: Pixies are a cheerful sort, said to have originated in the Sky City, Eh'l Dor'vae, Homeland of Dragons. They are close friends with the dragons and are still often seen with them. In recent times Pixies keep themselves hidden deep in the woods of Kirls and Lunaria, as well as their homeland, Eh'l Dor'vae.






Undine: The Undine are a sea dwelling race, with the ability to shape shift into a "human" form, though they retain a number of aquatic features in this form. When in the water they are much like mermaids of yore, with fish-like tails, fins and gills. Once they lived in all of the oceans of Altheria, deep beneath the waves, but now many think them to be extinct. There are small communities of them which remain under Anask's protection.



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