The Kireline are a race which is skilled in magics dealing with life and death. Due to the nature of their magic however they are somewhat vampiric, occasionally requiring living blood to survive.


Author: Raine E. Storms
Place of Origin:
Currently Located:
Average Height:
Average Weight:
Hair/Fur Color Variations: black, brown, blonde, white
Eye Color Variations: green, gold, brown
Other Defining Features: fangs, glass-like nails
Magic/Technology: very skilled in life, death, illusion and protection magic
Other Names:
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In recent times in Altheria the Kireline have become increasingly rare. Most races became wary of them due to horror stories spread by humans from during the first wars with the humans. Only the more informed trust them, and it seems that only the dragons and Tsurienmae welcome them with open arms. Because of this it has been very hard for them to live. There are very few pure-blood Kireline left at all, as most, due to their nature, fall in love with Tsurienmae or other powerful magical races.

Kireline require blood rich in Aether to survive due to their inability to naturally absorb the aether all around them, and yet their bodies require it to survive. In the past they were a fairly small community that lived around a pool of aether, however the natural pool was destroyed, and the community split up and fled elsewhere. Some managed to become friendly with other races that lived near small aether pools, but many had to find other ways to survive. The goddess who had created them, Aess, goddess of illusions, was upset by their loss of their original homes, and so their ability to live as well, and so managed to slowly make a small alteration to them: she made it so that they could obtain the aether they required by drinking the aether-rich blood of the more powerful magical races. Though she had a feeling this would cause the race to slowly disappear, it at least gave them a second chance at life. Many then did slowly disappear, integrating into other races, namely into the Tsurienmae, but some still remain.

The Kireline have one small island which has a small pool of Aether on it, which is where most of the full-blood Kireline now live.


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