They are artificially made beings that generally cannot move around on their own and tend to look like normal lifeless objects.

Author: Xovq
Pronunciation: KEE-RO-den-KEE-rome
Place of Origin: Datukir
Other Defining Features:Shell is composed of inorganic material (usually some type of metal) and often shaped too look like a regular object
Intelligence: Sentient
Magic/Technology: Varies significantly between individuals, but incredibly advanced
Other Names: Kiroden
Appears In: Drifter's Seal, Shadow's Words, Watcher's Amends, Keeper's Key, Brother's Judgment, and the one that doesn't have a title yet.

General Information

Khirhodhenkhirhom, or Kiroden for short, are sentient beings created by the Saphoro. Khirhodhenkhirhom is a Khens’hiah word that comes from the phrase khirhouh dhen khirhom which can be translated as 'living but not moving'. This refers to the fact that Khirhodhenkhirhom are incapable of locomotion (though there are some exceptions to this, particularly in those that are younger/more recently created.) This and the fact that their physical appearances usually resemble tools, jewelry, or clothing makes it easy to mistake a Kiroden for a regular inanimate object.

Kiroden are generally symbiotic by nature, though some are more reliant on a host than others. Most (though not all) Kiroden need a host in order be aware of the world around them. Through their host's senses, they are able to sense the outside world. Some Kiroden can produce their own energy that can be shared with the host, while others must rely on their host's energy to survive. For the average Kiroden, direct contact with the host's body is required for this to happen, but for the more powerful Kiroden energy can be transferred within a certain range. Though perfectly capable of taking energy from anyone who touches them, Kiroden usually do not take energy from anyone other than their host, unless the host specifically gives them permission to do so (Kiroden that have left the Saphoro, are not as likely to follow this rule.) Kiroden accustomed to drawing energy from Saphoro or any other high energy host, tend to have trouble reducing energy intake enough as to not accidentally kill a substitute host. Permission may be granted under one of two circumstances: to those who have shown the ability to limit their energy intake even when they are low on energy, and to those who have been permitted to kill.

A Kiroden's first host is usually one of its Abhanhohnh, or one of its 'parent' Saphoro. They are permitted to leave for a new host when they are ready, but they are not obligated to do so. Kiroden can be compatible with a wide variety of hosts, but this depends on the type of Kiroden. For most Kiroden, the only requirements are that the host has energy to give to the Kiroden when it is needed and that the host can remain connected to Kiroden for an extended period of time if not all the time. As a result those Kiroden that can obtain their own energy have a lower energy requirement and are more compatible than those that are host dependent.


While Kiroden can have a vast array of abilities that vary from individual to individual, there are some abilities that are very common among them.

  • Telepathy: All Kiroden can communicate telepathically to some degree. A link can be established while the Kiroden is in direct contact with an individual.
  • Aura: This is an extension of telepathy that allows a Kiroden to broadcast a general idea or feeling within a specific range. The aura is felt by all in range who are sensitive to it. Some individuals are more receptive to the aura than others. The more often an individual feels an aura at a close range, the more sensitive they become to Kiroden auras in general. The aura is stronger near the Kiroden than it is from far away. This can be particularly useful for when a Kiroden does not want anyone near it and its host, by creating an aura that causes an individual to feel unease, discomfort, or fear. The down side to this is that the Kiroden's location can be pinpointed, by those who are not so easily persuaded. The host becomes very sensitive, or aware of Kiroden auras over time, but will not fall under its control as easily, because the host knows that the feeling is created by the Kiroden. Some species are more easily persuaded by the aura than others. Kiroden are sensitive the the aura of other Kiroden, but not their own aura, as it radiates away from them. They can only sense it if their aura is reflected back at them with the use of a certain mineral found in great quantities on Solcon.
  • Illusions: All Kiroden can create illusions, but some are better at making them believable. Their telepathic ability comes from their ability to create illusions of sound. They can also use visual illusions to create a mentally projected version of them self called a manifest form. This manifest form can look like whatever the Kiroden wants it to look like. Some choose to base it heavily upon their physical form, others have a manifest form that look nothing like their physical form (though there is usually some aspect of the manifest form that reflects their physical form, as well as an aspect that is shared between the Kiroden and its siblings, which are Kiroden that have the same Abhanhohnh.)
  • Hibernation: Kiroden can go into a state of hibernation when they need to conserve energy. This happens soon after a Kiroden that depends heavily upon a host is separated from that host, or when that host is unable to give them enough energy. Kiroden that can obtain their own energy still have the capacity to go into this state.
  • Longevity

Kiroden Wards

These are notably powerful Kiroden. Their aura can expand over an incredibly vast area. On Tarakaia, there are four wards: Lhomarlheih of the North, T'heraihrlhohnhekhahon of the East, Sahihanhs'htahrhamh of the South, and Dheighamhot of the West. These four wards protect the main Ferox countries from demons. Demons on Tarakaia are particularly sensitive to Kiroden aura and are easily persuaded by it. As a result, they never enter the protected. Feroxes on the other hand need to be very close to the Kiroden Ward, usually within a 50 ft radius (100 ft for Dheighamhot.)

These wards can obtain energy through a type of broad spectrum photosynthesis. While acting as wards, only one has a temporary host. Sahihanhs'htahrhamh has been placed into a tree, which she will occasionally draw energy from.

The four are siblings and as a result their manifest forms all bare the black lipped three mouthed trait. Their manifest forms are usually white and bare a close resemblance to their physical form, and the structure of the form reflects a particular element.

Host Independent Kiroden

There are a few Kiroden that can obtain their own energy without a regular host. Usually this is done through a photosynthetic process. Though there are some Kiroden, such as Zhanxukiroek and Rhodhehshien, who are mobile and have some sort of sensory organ or device efficient enough to seek out prey. Again, this is generally done only if a Kiroden has been given permission to do so, or have left their initial host with the intent of solely living off of prey.

Host Dependent Kiroden

These Kiroden tend to have a higher ratio of organic material to inorganic material in their composition than other Kiroden, because they are not fully encased in a shell. Host dependent Kiroden usually anchor them self to their host, some to the point of being embedded in the host's body. While the process of changing hosts for other Kiroden is physically as simple as passing a baton, changing hosts for these Kiroden can be dangerous for them. For those that are embedded into their host, there is a high risk that they will be rejected by the new host's body. As a result these particular Kiroden usually remain with their Abhanhohnh all of their life (as they are best adapted for the Saphoro body.)

Known Khirhodhenkhirhom


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