Half-Dragons (Draezoln)

Many dragons are accomplished sorcerers, and as such frequently use shape-changing magics to appear as members of other races. Occasionally, while doing so, they will have children with members of the race they have shape-changed into. Due to the powerful magical nature of dragons, this seemingly impossible combination usually results in a viable half-dragon offspring. Among the Races of Men, these half-dragons are often misunderstood, and in more rural or superstitious areas they are often persecuted and even hunted. Among non-humanoids, their greater size and strength often makes them the dominant member of whatever social order their non-dragon parent has, if any.

Author: Almonihah
Place of Origin: Draezoln
Average Height: Typically 10-30% greater than non-dragon race average
Average Weight: Varies. Winged specimens often lighter than normal, non-winged often closer to non-dragon parent.
Scale Color Variations: Half-dragons are almost always covered in scales of the dragon parent's color
Eye Color Variations: Half-dragons tend to favor their dragon parent's eye color.
Other Defining Features: Half-dragons, as crossbreed creatures, are an extremely varied lot. Some have tails, some have wings, some have horns, some have slitted eyes, some don't have any of these features. However, all recorded half-dragons have at least a resistance, if not an immunity, to the element of their dragon parent's breath weapon, and almost all have at least a weak breath weapon.
Intelligence: Most half-dragons are more intelligent than the average member of their non-dragon parent's race.
Magic: While some half-dragons show an unusual aptitude for magic, this trait seems as randomly distributed as any of the other draconic traits half-dragons can inherit.
Appear In: Draezoln (Link to story)


The first stories of half-dragons are nearly as old as the Age of Men. One in particular stands out, however. Known as the Platinum Warder, he was a powerful priest of Bahamut. He wore a suit of armor coated in platinum which was said to be as tough as the oldest dragon's scales, and wielded a sword infused with the holy light of Bahamut. He is legendary for his defense of the Races of Men against evil dragons, but the exact details of his story vary from source to source. His draconic and humanoid parentage are impossible to ascertain, as each race claims him as their own. Some say that he was, in truth, only a legend, pointing to his sword and armor as artifacts that must have remained and been passed down, and since no record exists of their use after the Platinum Warder's death, he must not have actually existed.

Warders of Bahamut, when questioned on the subject, answer enigmatically, if at all. Questions about his equipment are met with silence.


A half-dragon's personality is greatly shaped by how he was raised. Those whose dragon parent was involved in their upbringing often display an interesting blend of draconic and humanoid attitudes. Those raised without the dragon parent often suffer from resentment of the absent parent. The treatment received from the community also has a large effect. Those rejected by their community are often distrustful of humanoids, sometimes coming across as antisocial.

Skills and Abilities

The abilities of a half-dragon vary depending on their parentage, though all have some type of elemental resistance according to their dragon parent, as well as at least a bit of a breath weapon. Beyond that, almost all have scales, though their size and toughness varies widely. Other features, such as wings, a tail, ability with magic, ability to see in the dark, and so forth are only sometimes inherited.


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