The Firis are Fire Fae, created by the goddess of fire. Long ago they all lived together in the desert in western Biiree, however arguing between members of the Firis split them up into many different clans. Most of the clans stayed in the desert, though some traveled far, spreading out across the world. Now there are only three remaining clans, the Hunter, the Fiirae, and the Allai. The Allai clan has nearly died out with only two known members of the clan still alive, most of the clan having been decimated by humans.


Author: Raine E. Storms
Place of Origin: The desert in what is now western Biiree
Currently Located: Spread out all over the world
Average Height: 5'0" ~ 5' 7"
Average Weight:
Hair/Fur Color Variations: Red, strawberry blonde, reddish brown
Eye Color Variations: gold, amber, orange
Other Defining Features: pointed ears
Intelligence: average intelligence
Magic/Technology: Very skilled with fire elemental magic
Other Names: Fire Fae
Appears In: Celestial Chronicles, all stories in Altheria


The Firis were created by the goddess of fire, Vallai. Once long ago they all lived in the desert in western Biiree, existing as a single tribe. Tensions grew between members of the tribe however, and eventually the Firis split off into a number of different clans. While most of the clans remained in the desert, some spread out across the world so that they might live their own lives how they wanted in peace. Of all of those clans only three remain, which are the Hunter, the Fiirae, and the Allai. The Hunter clan was the most brutal and heavily opinionated of the clans. They remained living within the desert of western Biiree. The Allai clan traveled long and far across the forests and plains to live in Dovolan. The Fiirae went even further than the Allai, and traveled all the way across the ocean to Triside.


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