Endey Draconia

The Endey Draconia are also sometimes called the Dragon's Kin. They are draconic humanoids, and they are a race that is nearly extinct.


Author: Raine E. Storms
Place of Origin: Eh'l Dor'vae (Ei-heal Door-ih-veye) ((the homeland of dragons))
Currently Located: Eh'l Dor'vae
Average Height: 6' 6" ~ 7' 4"
Average Weight: 220 ~ 350 lbs
Hair/Fur Color Variations: White, Black, Grey, Silver, Gold
Eye Color Variations: Any, however their eyes have no iris, no whites, no pupils (that are distinguishable) and they glow whatever color they are. They glow faintly all the time and glow fairly brightly in the dark.
Other Defining Features: Scaled leathery skin, horns, scaled leathery prehensile tail, bat(or dragon)-like wings, pointed ears, teeth sharper and some more pointed than a human's, retractable claws rather than nails.
Intelligence: Very intelligent
Magic/Technology: Very good with natural magics. Not very good with technology at all.
Other Names: The Dragon's Kin, Draconia, Draconis
Appears In: Celestial Chronicles, most thing set in the world of Altheria


The Endey Draconia were one of the first races created. They were designed to be part dragon and part celestial meaning that they not only had the blood of the great dragons but also the blood of the gods. This made them not only very powerful but also very proud. This pride and cause them problems as they often feel they are right, no matter what… and few will challenge their word.

The Endey Draconia have always lived in the homeland of dragons, Eh'l Dor'vae. There they lived along side the dragons themselves, and there they cared for the land and grew to be a wise, powerful, and ancient race. The only other "sentient" creatures that lived there were the dragons, Trinn, and pixies. For a very long time the Endey Draconia had no contact with anoy other races, not even with the first "sentient" race, the Althe. However the world was growing, changing, and eventually the Tsurienmae were created. The Tsurienmae were a good, peaceful people, and they befriended all races. The dragons grew to love and trust the Tsurienmae, and so started bringing them into their homeland, which was protected by powerful magics. There the Tsurienmae met the Endey Draconia. At first the Endey Draconia hated them, because like them the Tsurienmae were very smart, and powerful. They too were created as caretakers of the land, and were created of a goddess's blood. However eventually the Endey Draconia came to become friends with the Tsurienmae, and learned of all that had changed in the outside world. Soon the Endey Draconia became curious of the outside world, and so many left Eh'l Dor'vae, to see all that had changed.

The Endey Draconia lived a long time, wandering this "new" world and learning as much as they could, however being suddenly away from their land made many ill, and many died because of it. By the time the Endey Draconia learned that they had lived so long with their land that now they could not leave it for long most of them were dead. And so few ever left Eh'l Dor'vae again. Now only a handful of them remain, closed off from the world in Eh'l Dor'vae.


The Endey Draconia tend to be very proud people, and their power makes it so few will tell them when they are wrong, which only increases their ego.

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