A race that exists in many legends, though few believe in their existence.

Author: Jenna Parrott
Place of Origin: Unknown
Currently Located: Unknown
Average Height: 6'
Average Weight: Varies with gender and build
Hair Color Variations: Hair can be any color
Eye Color Variations: Can also be any color
Other Defining Features: Most Enaid are fairly tan
Intelligence: Sentient.
Magic/Technology: The ability to manipulate dimensions.
Appears In: Everything sans the stories on Earth and Dermia.


Folklore and legends agree that the goddess Dimension created the Enaid in the Old Era, but how the race was able to survive the complete annihilation of the Old Era is currently unknown. Some Mytherian scholars speculate that a small number of Enaid combined their powers to create a dimension so secluded that not even the destruction of the Old Era affected them. This theory also explains the xenophobic nature of the race as a whole.


Overall, the race is rather xenophobic and intolerant of the other races. However, there are individuals who disagree with the Counsel's decision to remain isolated; most of these individuals find their way into the Inquisitors, an elite group of Enaid whose job is to hunt down and bring back any who leave their isolated dimension.

Skills and Abilities

The Enaid have the ability to control dimensions to some extent, and all can create pocket dimensions in which they can store a nearly unlimited amount of items. Often these posket dimensions are incorporated into bags. In addition to the inherent ability to manipulate dimension, each Enaid has a magical affinity for either an element or a weapon.

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