Detark Sapham

The Detark Sapham are a group of 13 distinctly different creatures that appearance wise, have very little in common.


Author: Xovq
Currently Located: Gaiathera
Defining Feature: Six digits
Intelligence: Very Intelligent
Magic/Technology: Orbs
Other Names: Detark, Dheh Tahrlkah Bhehamh S’hapfhenh
Appears In: Shadow's Words

General Information

With the exception of Saikiro, each Detark Sapham teaches, protects, and governs a particular tribe of Saphorine (or as the humans call them, Elves.) Each Detark Sapham representation of an ancestor for that particular tribe. The ancestors use a substitute form because their bodies have difficulty coping with the Gaiathera environment. Both the original body and Detark form are conscious at the same time, and yet the Detark and the ancestor are still the same entity.

Orbs and Rhahm

Each orb is different and is capable of performing various tasks in the Detark body. The exact tasks the orbs perform varies depending on the Detark, but they all share two general tasks.

The first task is to bind a Rhahm, or a portion of the consciousness/spirit of the ancestor, to the Detark form. This brings life to the Detark body and allows the ancestor to act through it. The Rhahm remains bound to the body as long as all of the orbs are intact and attached to the body. Removing an orb from the body will cause the Rhahm to warp, which makes it difficult for the body to be controlled. If this state is maintained for too long, the Rhahm will detach from the Detark body. When the Rhahm leaves the Detark immediately dies. While killing the Detark body is painful for the ancestor, it has no permanent affect on them. The Detark body can be remade, but this can take quite a long time.

The second task is to provide the body with energy to operate. The amount of energy between orbs in a single Detark body is the same, but the energy varies from Detark to Detark. Detark with orbs that have more energy devoted to the operation and maintenance of the body, but use it conservatively generally have a longer lifespan, however their revival time span is much longer than those with a shorter life span.

Name Number of Orbs Internal Orbs External Orbs Element Color Direction Lifespan
Zharcaor 1 1 0 Time Byzantium West 7 months
Keosarka 2 0 2 Space Fuchsia West 8 years*
Hikirru 3 0 3 Spirit Jungle green East 33 years
Osana 4 4 0 Water Cobalt blue South West 56 years
Kyrlough 5 4 1 Fire Crimson North West 68 years
Quaraiqua 6 0 6 Wind Cyan South 38 years
Saikiro 7 x x Existence White Origin x
Xearkorl 8 0 8 Electricity Gold North 60 years
Rohoc 9 0 9 Metal Silver North 72 years
Shentai 10 0 10 Plant/Body Green East 96 years
Gahaazhi 11 5 6 Earth Mahogany South 105 years
Agnirin 12 3 9 Energy Aquamarine South East 128 years
Zovy 13 0 13 Darkness Black North East 195 Years

*it should really be much longer than this, but she is exposed to time manipulation on a regular basis.

Note: The word Detark usually refers to one of the 13 Detark Sapham, but it can be applied to other creatures in a similar state (like Xeiren for example.) These creatures are not ancestors of the Saphoraine and their Detark body is of lesser quality, meaning it can't endure a beating or time as well as the Detark Sapham. Also, the orbs of these Detark are smaller and less powerful because they are not forged by Zharcaor.

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