BeyLarc (Lunarian)

The race of blue liped, short, opaque eyed, white(ish) haired engineers and magicians that once inhabited BeyLar, but now inhabit the Red Moon.

Author: Rosethornzero
Place of Origin: BeyLar
Currently Located: The Crystal Sphere/ The Red Moon
Average Height: Male: 5'1" Female: 4'5"
Average Weight: Male: 110 lbs Female: 87 lbs
Hair/Fur Color Variations: White, Grey, or Silver, with any number of pastel highlights, or perhaps even no highlights at all.
Eye Color Variations: Any bright, jewel toned color, but always opaque, with the pupil a darker shade of the iris color, and a milky film over the top of the eye.
Other Defining Features: Blue lips, bluish tinted skin, and very, very pale.
Intelligence: Human level, mostly. They have their virtuosos, like any race.
Magic/Technology: Advanced, from millenia of development
Other Names: Lunarians, Lunars, Fae (old Troian Story)
Appears In: The Light of the Moon and The Shadows of the Soul Series


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