The Althe were the first race in Altheria created by Day, Night and Twilight. They are often called the Fae of Crystal or the Fae of Sound.


Author: Raine E. Storms
Place of Origin: Aldrinea, The Crystal Valley
Currently Located: Aldrinea, The Crystal Valley
Average Height: 6'0" ~ 6'5"
Average Weight: 150 ~180 lbs
Hair/Fur Color Variations: White, Silver (looks almost crystalline and in certain lights is prismatic)
Eye Color Variations: Grey, Silver, Blue, Pink
Other Defining Features: Small crystals under the eyes and in some other places (different for each Althe), beautiful voices, very graceful. Slim build, slender eyes, look very regal.
Intelligence: Highly intelligent
Magic/Technology: Very good with magic, no good with technology at all.
Other Names: Fae of Crystal or Fae of Sound
Appears In: Celestial Chronicles


The Althe were the first humanoid race to be created in Altheria. They were created by the goddess Faera and are by far the most magical, and also the most mysterious, of all of the races in Altheria. They were created within the place known as the crystal valley. The valley is surrounded by mountains that are near impossible to cross unless you know the way by heart. The entire valley is like a crystalline paradise. Everything surrounds a lake, and at the center of that lake is one of the grand Sapphire Willow trees (these trees are also called "The Tree of Dreams" or "Tree of Ascension". These trees are huge and there are a half dozen of them around the world. The one in the Crystal Valley is the only one that blooms year round, and unlike the others the flowers appear to be made of actual sapphires, though they are light as a normal flower.

The lake in the crystal valley is lined with crystals of all sorts, and the water within the lake is not normal water but is pure mana. The crystal valley has the strongest concentration of magic in the world.


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