Alps are a German mythological species, which appear to be related to elves, and share some traits with incubi and with vampires. They are not widely known outside of their homeland, and researching them can be quite difficult.

Place of Origin: Germany.
Currently Located: Usually, the mountains of Germany, though there are exceptions.
Average Height: Unknown, usually observed to be childlike.
Average Weight: See above.
Hair/Fur Colour Variations: Similar to humans, but Alps can change this at will, so it can be hard to tell.
Eye Colour Variations: Their eyes are sometimes reported to have a slitted pupil, and no iris, but due to the Alp shape-changing ability, this is hard to confirm.
Other Defining Features: German accent, hat. There is no such thing as an Alp without a hat, which is called their Tarnkappe. Even when in animal forms, they retain their hat. They have pointed ears in their default state, pale skin, and they have an allergy to lemons. They also have a particular fondness for milk, and will sometimes drink blood, though they do not need to.
Intelligence: Relatively intelligent, but can be tricked.
Magic/Technology: They have innate magical abilities such as transformation, dream manipulation, and possession.
Other Names: Schrat.
Appears In: Charby the Vampirate (Not my story, but where I first encountered them. When I get around to writing a mythological story, I'll add that here.)


As a rule, Alps tend to err on the side of mischief and conniving, though they have no set position on the alignment system. They revel in using their abilities, and some treat their work in dream manipulation as though it was a job they love.

Skills and Abilities

  • Transformation: So long as they know what something looks like, they can become that thing, but retaining such a disguise for too long is uncomfortable.
  • Dream manipulation: Alps can invade the minds of others, usually while their target is asleep, and shape their dreams as they please.
  • Possession: An Alp can place itself completely into the mind of another, by entering through the mouth or nose as mist, and use their host as though it was their own body. A time limit is probable, but not confirmed.
  • Evil eye: This is the Alp's right eye, and it is believed to contain the power to curse someone with a glance. This is not confirmed.


  • Lemons: Alps are allergic to lemons. They can be weakened by placing one in their mouth, and immobilised if they are asleep when this happens. This effect does wear off after a while, but the precise timing varies, and it usually angers the Alps on the receiving end. A lemon in the mouth can help to kill an Alp, by preventing it from escaping while someone attacks it, usually with fire.
  • Iron: Anything made of pure iron is harmful to Alps, and silver is also said to be effective.
  • Tarnkappe: Nearly all of an Alp's power is seated in his hat, and removing it causes the Alp to be nearly helpless. An Alp whose hat has been removed will do anything to get it back, though he cannot grant wishes as genies can. Alp favours are one of the main motives for hat-snatching, as these fey can achieve a number of things, particularly if they make use of their connections.
  • Blocked exit: An Alp can only leave the room of his victim the same way he entered, so blocking this exit will trap him.


  • Milk: Alps love this stuff, as well as tea and coffee. Offering this to them can set a victim up to talking the Alp into leaving them alone.
  • Eagerness: Alps love interfering with people's dreams, and it can often take a lot of negotiation to convince them to leave.
  • Unibrow: When disguised as a human, or possessing a human, an Alp often has a unibrow, though they are quite capable of shaving this off.
  • Gender: Almost invariably male, but females (termed Mara) exist.
  • Families: Alps can have families, but they cannot turn anyone into an Alp.


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